Port William Community Association SCIO is primarily involved with providing and organising recreational activities for the benefit of the inhabitants of Port William and the surrounding areas.  Advancement of citizenship and community development by promotion of civic responsibility by volunteering.

The main event is Carnival Week which usually takes place the first week of August, but the Association is involved in many other aspects of the community.

The Association meets once a month (except August and December) usually the last Thursday of the month in the Maxwell Hall at 7.30pm.  Everybody is welcome.


Minutes of meeting of 27th April 2017
Venue – Maxwell Hall
Present – S Dodds,D Kiltie,L McLelland,M Adams,C Kelly, J Gray ,J Kevan,R Kinnear+ 1 member of the public –P Smellie
Apologies- A Adam ,J McMaster ,A McLaughlin, A Murphie,A Kevan ,A Murray
Minutes of Meeting of 30th March – proposed –C Kelly seconded –R Kinnear
Matters Arising from above minutes –Thanks must be given to J McMaster for the work that he carried out on the turning point at Mrs McBryde’s.
Caravan site report – Due to the absence of A Adam S Dodds read out the financial statement that A Adam had prepared which detailed income and expenditure for the month.Paul,Cath and Keith have all settled in well to their warden duties and work well as a team .The site looks very clean and smart and this was noted in an improved AA Media Inspection Report (only verbal report available to date).Customer reports are very favourable but mainly verbal reports and we must improve our Trip Advisor and Facebook promotion .To this end Paul has offered to take on the updating of the Facebook page and we are to work on getting online customer reports on Trip Advisor.
Correspondence –To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the end of World War 1 we have been asked by Bruno Peak if we would like to register our interest in WW1 Beacons of Light by having an event which will include lighting our beacon on Sunday 11th November 2018 at 7pm.The committee agreed and this will be registered and will be planned nearer the time.Domestic rates demand have been received from Dumfries and Galloway Council –neither the Kings Green Caravan Park or The Maxwell Park need to pay a fee.
Constitution –As we are a Scio ,Oscr requires that our constitution be updated and checked over at regular intervals ,this was done and only two points were noted – point 13 and point 22 .A letter is to be issued to members requiring them to confirm that they wish to remain as members of the organization.
Carnival Week – Local History Talk by Jack Hunter tickets will be £5 and this will include cheese and biscuits.Laura McLelland will be the new convenor for the beach party so thanks must be given to Shiralee Kevan and Anna Campion for their input in Carnival Week for the past few years .C Kelly has been in touch with our Wigtownshire and Port William Carnival Week is in their notes to be in the July issue.Bridget Hillman will organize the judges this year for the Fancy Dress , it has been brought to the attention about entrants being registered in more than one group , people will be made aware of the rules for registering .Moira Adams brought up that Volunteers are required to assist at The Arts Festival during the week -any one interested please contact Moira.Last years Citizen of The Year has declined from Crowning the Queen but has suggested that A Murphie be asked to do the honours.
A.O.B –A village tidy up is to be organized and flowers are required for the roundabaout –could we source prices for suitable flowers.
Next Meeting -25th May 21, 2017
Meeting closed – 8.30pm