Port William Community Association SCIO is primarily involved with providing and organising recreational activities for the benefit of the inhabitants of Port William and the surrounding areas.  Advancement of citizenship and community development by promotion of civic responsibility by volunteering.

The main event is Carnival Week which usually takes place the first week of August, but the Association is involved in many other aspects of the community.

The Association meets once a month (except August and December) usually the last Thursday of the month in the Maxwell Hall at 7.30pm.  Everybody is welcome.


Venue – Maxwell Hall
Present-S Dodds,R McElrea,D Kiltie,A Kevan,M Adams,J Gray + 1 member of the public P Smellie
Apologies –R Kinnear,A McLaughlin,L McLelland,J McMaster,A Murray,J Kevan,C Kelly
Minutes of 1st November – proposed A Kevan seconded – J Gray
Matters arising from said minutes-The £300 that was given to Pirsac for fireworks has been refunded to our bank account.
Treasurers report –R McElrea reported that no up to date figures could be reported to the meeting as the Bank won’t communicate with him until the mandates are sorted out ,in the meantime they will only communicate with the past treasurer at an address at which he no longer lives at.New mandate forms are being progressed by A Adam and R McElrea and hopefully the matter will be resolved in the not too distant future.For the present the treasurer cannot –sign cheques,authorize transfers, receive bank correspondence directly or order stationery.The Association will have to rely on year end figures (to end of October) until such time as the issue is sorted.The mandate forms to change signatures and contact person were sent to the bank on the 1st November,they have responded via A Adam at his former address.His mail has been forwarded to him and he will try to sort out the complications.
Correspondence- an email has been received from Mary Cowan (Port William Senior Citizens) asking for a donation towards either the cost of buses for annual Spring trip ,Autumn Tour or payment towards the Christmas Lunch.The committee agreed to a £200 donation to be paid in the Spring of the year.
Kings Green Caravan Park –site is now closed for the Winter,contractors have been contacted about work requiring to be done before the start of the season.A discussion was held about wardens/cleaners and it was decided to hire a warden for three hours a day and a cleaner for two hours per day ,job adverts will go out in the New Year.
£250 ticket winner –the lucky ticket was drawn by P Smellie and the winner was announced as Mrs McClinton.
Craft Fair Café- the Craft Fair was not as busy as last year due to there being several on on the same days however we made a profit of £245.88.A request was put in to purchase two soup kettles –the committee agreed to this.
Christmas Trees –the trees will be delivered tomorrow.The Community Council received a grant of £453.20 from the council £429.20 can be used as payment for the trees as the balance was used to purchase lights for Elrig.The shortfall for the trees will be covered by the wind farm money allocation that we applied for from the Community Council.
WW1 Celebration –S Dodds thanked everyone for their input for the day.It was well attended and was a credit to the village.
Roundabout –awaiting council to do the necessary work before we can start.
Christmas Draw –a Christmas raffle is organized and will be drawn on Friday 21st December.
Montpellier –S Dodds and R McElrea shall meet with the accountant.
Carnival Week –
tribute band suggestions-Queen ,Bee Gees
Quiz Master –P Smellie has volunteered
Wednesday night-Scottish/country
A4 Crafts- 4th August
Programme –put on face book for a volunteer to compile the programme if no one comes forward contact Greg Kyle at Free press.
Sand Art –contact lady to do event
Tennis or Hockey instead of rugby/football
Move start of duck race further up the burn so that it finishes at the bridge at the mill.
Order more ducks
A.O.B –The Community Council are putting together a Welcome Pack for new people to the village.A meeting has been organized about the Hall Committee –a committee will be voted in and it will become a Scio .
Next Meeting 31ST January at 7.30pm (incorporating A G. M )

A.G.M of 11th February 2018
Venue –Maxwell Hall
Present- A Adam,S Dodds,D Kiltie,J Kevan ,A Kevan,L McLelland,A McLaughlin ,C Kelly,R Kinnear,M Adams,J Gray,J McMaster,E Penrose
Apologies-A Murray
Minutes of A.G.M 2017- proposed – R Kinnear seconded-J McMaster
Treasurers Report – A Adam explained in detail income and expenses and the statement of balances and compared receipts and payments between 2016 and 2017.The reserves policy represents 11 months expenses.The constitution was reviewed on 27th April 2017.Montpellier -the accountant we use at the moment is prepared to continue with our committee ,his charge will be in the region of £360 , The committee decided to re-appoint Montpellier for 2018.
Chairman’s Report –S Dodds thanked all the committee for all their hard work throughout the year but especially during Carnival Week.Our week is going from strength to strength and our Gala is one of the top in Dumfries and Galloway.The amount of events we provide for the public is a credit to our small village and our tribute night is bringing in people from near and far.It makes it worthwhile to see so many people enjoying themselves and the feedback we get both from locals and visitors is a bonus.As the Monreith Arms has now closed S Dodds has spoken to the licencing board re bars ,we need to list what events we will be having bars at and the times we will be running them.This will be addressed nearer the time.
Election of Charity trustees – All the existing trustees vacated their seats and Mr J McMaster took the chair for election of posts ,on asking the floor for nominations for
Chair- A Kevan nominated S Dodds this was seconded by L McLelland
Vice Chair-C Kelly was nominated by R Kinnear and seconded by M Adams
Secretary-D Kiltie was nominated by M Adams and seconded by C Kelly
Treasurer-A Adam was nominated by S Dodds and seconded by A McLaughlin
All elected people agreed to continue in their posts for another year.
On taking their chairs D Kiltie asked the committee to clarify their choice for a couple of events and reminded them that at the February 22nd meeting we need a theme for the floats also the new Queen will be elected that night.
Meeting closed at 8.15pm