Port William Community Association SCIO is primarily involved with providing and organising recreational activities for the benefit of the inhabitants of Port William and the surrounding areas.  Advancement of citizenship and community development by promotion of civic responsibility by volunteering.

The main event is Carnival Week which usually takes place the first week of August, but the Association is involved in many other aspects of the community.

The Association meets once a month (except August and December) usually the last Thursday of the month in the Maxwell Hall at 7.30pm.  Everybody is welcome.

Minutes of meeting of 30th November 2017
Venue –Maxwell Hall Supper Room
Present –S Dodds,D Kiltie,J Kevan,L McLelland,A Murray ,A McLaughlin,R Kinnear,J McMaster,J Gray+ 3 members of the public –P Smellie,M Maxwell A Highman
Apologies-A Adam ,C Kelly,E Penrose
Minutes of meeting of 26th October –proposed –M Adams seconded-A Murray
Matters Arising from said minutes-R Christie had asked the committee to clear out the upstairs garage as it had been sold,however the sale has fallen through and after discussion it was decided that due to health and safety issues we will not clear the remaining items in it .The grant has been received from the council for the purchase of the Christmas trees-£493.Balance carried forward from last year brings the total to £756.12.Trees are being delivered on 2nd December and D Kiltie will ask A Murphie if he will decorate it once it is in place.
Correspondence-A letter has been received from Mrs J Gray secretary of the Senior citizens committee requesting a donation towards the Christmas lunch .The committee agreed to donate £250.The senior citizens committee have asked for a loan of tables for the luncheon –this was agreed by the committee –they will arrange transport.
Financial Report –A Adam forwarded the financial report for both the Community Association and the Caravan Site stating all income and expenditure for the last month .The draft accounts have been prepared by Montpellier and the chairman is to meet them to discuss any matters arising.
Kings Green Caravan Site Report –A Adam forwarded the business plan for 2017/18 which included any action that has been taken ,purposes and any data – this included months open for business,electric hook ups,maximum stay ,daily fee with hook ups and without,maximum occupancy ,maximum income etc –the site is planned to open on 16th March 2018 .The pitch rates are to stay the same at the moment.Our Wardens rate of pay was discussed and it was decided to wait until we can clarify the actual workload and profit made in the year.
Gardening Club –the club have held their AGM and current office bearers are willing to stand again,no other members wished to stand.The otter bed –A Adam would like to see this flower bed changed to low maintenance area due to a change of circumstances ,he now has less time to care for it. The black otter needs some attention to the paintwork.Two members of the committee have been asked to attend the next Community Association meeting to discuss the roundabout. It has been suggested by the Community Association that we make the roundabout easier to look after by placing a membrane over it ,placing an anchor(which we have ) and shore stones in it with a few flowers to make it a feature .J McMaster will have a look at the anchor to decide what needs done.
Cotland Nursery have very kindly donated plants to replace those damaged by oil at the harbour seat display.Summer bedding plants –Liz Perry will attend to this.Plants for Car Boot sale –members were reminded that plant are required.
War Memorial –The War Memorial needs a face lift ,D Kiltie has done a lot of research into the background –type of memorial ,OS grid references,category it is listed in etc and before we can attempt to restore it we need to apply for a grant and for this we need to involve a conservation accredited professional advisor.J McMaster said that Monreith worked with Michael Leybourne from Savilles in Dumfries and will pass on his contact details.It was brought up that the Community Council had also looked into this ,D Kiltie said that it is a waste of time two people doing this ,please liaise with the Community Association as she is not willing to waste her time on something someone else has already done,it was agreed that D Kiltie should carry on.She will contact Savilles .
Craft Fair –the committee are willing to do the teas at the Community Shop Craft Fair ,this will hopefully generate a small income.It has been decided that we will have a rota system and we will be selling soup,rolls,scones,teas and coffees.
Christmas Party for Children- L McLelland has organized a Christmas Party for the children ,this will be advertised as a joint venture funded by the Youth group and the Community Association.
Community Resilience-A meeting was held in The Maxwell Hall and it has been decided that The Maxwell Hall will be the designated place for any incident during storms ,floods ,power cuts etc.A lot of questions were asked but these still need to be clarified by the council.Household Emergency Lifesaving Plan handouts,leaflets and actual forms will be handed out as soon as they are printed ,people need to fill in the forms to allow us to know who needs assistance ,because a lot of people have moved into the area that no one knows about.
Mobile Bank –This issue was discussed at the Community Council meeting –people are complaining about the bank being situated at the View ,but this is because of the need for the satellite reception ,times and lack of seating were also an issue.
Carnival Week –The programme is up to date with still a few things left to organize D Kiltie striving to find different activities that we have not had .S Dodds has been in touch with a tribute band Let’s Drift for the second Saturday night ,we are still awaiting confirmation ,hopefully programme will be with us for Easter .
Monreith Arms – Nothing new to report.
Meeting closed 9pm –next meeting January 25th 7.30pm Maxwell Hall