Port William Community Association SCIO is primarily involved with providing and organising recreational activities for the benefit of the inhabitants of Port William and the surrounding areas.  Advancement of citizenship and community development by promotion of civic responsibility by volunteering.

The main event is Carnival Week which usually takes place the first week of August, but the Association is involved in many other aspects of the community.

The Association meets once a month (except August and December) usually the last Thursday of the month in the Maxwell Hall at 7.30pm.  Everybody is welcome.


Port William Community Association Scio
Minutes of meeting of 26th April 2018
Venue – Maxwell Hall
Present -D Kiltie,A Murray ,J Gray ,L McLelland,C Kelly,M Adams,J McMaster,R Kinnear
Apologies – S Dodds,J Kevan ,A Kevan,A McLaughlin,A Adam
Minutes of meeting of 5th April –proposed –M Adams seconded –J Gray
Treasurers Report –In the absence of both Chairman and treasurer C Kelly vice Chair read out the financial statement for The Community Association and Kings Green Caravan Park.
Caravan Site Report – C Kelly read out the development plan monitoring and discussed the occupancy graph.D Kiltie read out a report about the site- D Kiltie visits the site on a weekly basis –more if required .So far we have had several tourers on site and everyone seems content with both the site and the wardens.Last week The Scottish Motor Caravan Club -13 in total -were on site bringing in a revenue of £681,they have booked 10 pitches for next year ,whilst they were here they visited the rural in the Maxwell Hall and were entertained by The Panto Company which they thoroughly enjoyed.A problem has arisen with the hand dryer in the gents but I have contacted K McCreadie and he will attend to this.I have spoken to our warden concerning Trip Advisor and she will reply to comments as necessary.One couple got their caravan stuck during the wet spell and had to call the RAC to pull them out, could we have a contingency plan if this happens again – J McMaster offered to help if required.The warden is very happy with the grass cutting and he will attend on the 15th and 30th of each month .I have suggested that our warden should come on our First Aid course as it would be beneficial to the site and we need to refresh/update our First Aid Kit .
Correspondence – A letter was received from Port William Community Council about “The Big Lunch”.This is an initiative which aims to encourage neighbours and communities to get together for lunch on the first Sunday in June every year ,the committee discussed this and decided not to be involved.
Telephone Box in Mochrum – D Kiltie brought up the subject of The telephone Box In Mochrum saying that as soon as she saw it advertised on facebook she immediately contacted H Pavitt to express an interest on behalf of The Community Association,to this J Gray then informed the committee that the phone box had already been sold ,a discussion was held on the subject and it was decided that a letter should be written to Port William Community Council to convey our disappointment in the way it was dealt with .
Roundabout –D Kiltie showed the committee a sketch done by Lisa Hooper of what the roundabout could look like if we get permission from the council,this has to be sent to Bob green in Dumfries and to the roads department to allow them to see if it meets the criteria required.
Mosaic- D Kiltie showed the committee photographs of a mosaic that she thought would be fitting for our village ,she will contact the necessary people to see if we can get funding and find an artist interested.
Artistic Idea –an idea has been put forward to make our village an area to display different forms of art ,this would be an asset to the village –this is to be looked into-Moira Adams asked if the money from The Statue Fund could be used for artistic items.
OSCR logo –the logo is to be used on all correspondence and any items relating to the Community Association.
WW1 Day -11th November –the community association will do an event –this is to be discussed further and we could ask if other groups and the school would like to take part.
Loan of Tables –The school want a loan of the tables for an event at school –the committee agreed to this.
Bingo In Port William – we have been approached about helping a group set up cash bingo in Port William ,any profits will return to the Community Association.We need to purchase a machine ,tickets etc to allow this to go ahead –committee gave the go ahead to get this started.
First Aid – our First Aid needs refreshed –we need several members to do First Aid training courses start at approx £50 per person ,it has been suggested that we contact First Response to ask for a donation towards the expense.
Arts &Crafts – it has been suggested that we contact the local Community Shop to ask for a donation towards the children’s Arts & crafts event at Carnival Week.
War Memorial –the War Memorial has been repointed etc ,now we need to attend to the plaques –ask J Kevan what was used last time.
Portable Solar Panel –C Kelly was approached by Mrs Allwood to ask if our committee would like to purchase a solar panel –the committee decided against this.
Data Protection Officer- C Kelly has taken on this role and she has booked herself on a course in Belfast on 17th May to look into all the relevant information for The Community Association.
Child Protection –C Kelly has contacted Mary Wright and she will do an update at our next meeting.
Carnival Queen’s information –all the required information has been sent out to our new Queen along with her cheque.
Raffle Tickets – C Kelly has organized these from the Free Press ,The £250 Ticket for Christmas will be on sale shortly.
Meeting closed at 9pm