Port William Community Association SCIO is primarily involved with providing and organising recreational activities for the benefit of the inhabitants of Port William and the surrounding areas.  Advancement of citizenship and community development by promotion of civic responsibility by volunteering.

The main event is Carnival Week which usually takes place the first week of August, but the Association is involved in many other aspects of the community.

The Association meets once a month (except August and December) usually the last Thursday of the month in the Maxwell Hall at 7.30pm.  Everybody is welcome.

Minutes of meeting of 26th October
Venue- Maxwell Hall
Present –S Dodds,A Adam ,D Kiltie,A Murray ,C Kelly,M Adams,J Kevan, J McMaster,J Gray ,R Kinnear,+1 member of the public –P Smellie
Apologies- A McLaughlin
Minutes of Meeting of 29th June 2017- proposed –C Kelly seconded-J McMaster
Matters Arising from above minutes- K Brownlie from D&G Council Communities has organized for the War Memorial to be cleaned and names repainted before remembrance Sunday.D Kiltie is still awaiting quotes before she can apply for grant to have necessary maintenance carried out to the War Memorial.
Financial Report-A Adam read out Community Association and Caravan site financial reports in detail.Monitoring report for Caravan Park –very similar income turnover for this year.Expenditure- mowing /strimming –a saving has been made this year,a saving also been made on carpets and upon pre-season work.Water requirements were not on last years data.Annual electrical test –hook ups need to be checked at the end of the season as corrosion can be a problem.A saving of £200 was made this year on wardens costs.To summarize excess for the year has not been as profitable but a lot of work has been done.At the moment plans for improvements to the site are being considered and costed.Once the budget has been set we can then review the prices.P Smellie asked the ratio of hook ups to non hook ups and would it be beneficial to add on extra nine hook ups and how long would it take to recoup the money.The Community Association financial report was read out in detail with A Adam explaining everything.
Correspondence- A letter has been received from Scottish Fire & Rescue Service – (Carnival Queen’s chosen Charity) thanking us for our donation of £130 which was collected at the closing ceremony.
J Gray stated that The Community Council have still not received a letter from D&G Council stating the amount that they will be receiving for the grant for the Christmas Trees .If there is a shortfall would the Community Association cover it.The committee agreed to this.
General business- Charles Marshall could not attend tonight but will be attending at the November meeting.
As we are taking on the lease of the MMB garage instead of the garage in the square we need to empty the garage in the square and transfer our equipment to allow Mr Lipton to have access to his property .The upstairs garage has been sold ,Mr R Christie contacted D Kiltie to say that we need to empty it for the new owner but due to health and safety we feel that we should just leave whatever is left in there – the main items were removed 18 months ago as it was dangerous for people to go in.
We have priced up an extra section of the marquee and as the cost is minimal we feel that it would be beneficial to us to hire it and not have the extra marquee attached as we normally do.
As we are taking on the job of having teas/coffees etc at the craft fair in December ,we need volunteers and need to arrange a meeting to organize the food,volunteers etc.
It was suggested that we have a Festive raffle –tickets are to be printed and sold at the craft fair and also in the square on a weekend .Draw will be made on 27th December and tickets will be 50p each .
Child Protection and First Aid courses are required preferably by all members –this will be done as soon as possible.
S Dodds suggested The Drifters as the tribute band for this year –he will attend to this.
We normally cover any shortfall for the fireworks on 5th November but the committee decided on a donation of £150 this year.
The Monreith Arms closure was discussed at The Community Council meeting and it had been suggested at that meeting that perhaps the Hotel could be painted as it is in the centre of the village.D Kiltie stated that as no one knows the correct information about the hotel or who actually owns it then nothing could or should be done.
Next Meeting -30th November 7.30pm
Meeting closed -9pm