Draft Minutes of recent meeting & Agenda for next

The draft minutes of the Machars Community Council Federation of which Port William Community Council  is a member can be viewed as a pdf file by following this link  federation_2016_10_12 

Draft Minutes of the Meeting held Wednesday 25th January 2017. 7.30 p.m. Maxwell Hall, Port William.
Community Councillors: Mrs A Highman (Chairman); Mr P Smellie (Vice Chairman); Mrs J Gray (Secretary); Mr J Gray (Treasurer);
Mr P Carrigan; Mr R McElrea; Mr J McMaster; Mrs H Pavitt; Mr P Williams; Mrs S Windle.

Cllr Roberta Tuckfield

2. Apologies – Mr D Ballantyne; Mrs F Broll; Mrs P Watkins.

3. Declarations of Interest: – Not relevant to items listed for discussion.

4. Police Report – Sergeant Colin Scott, Community Officer for Newton Stewart addressed the meeting and informed members of a spate of opportunist burglaries which had occurred in Kirkcowan, Twynholm, and Bridge of Dee, advising members to ensure that their properties were kept locked at night, and to report anyone who they considered to be acting suspiciously. He informed members that the police are always willing to arrange security surveys, free of charge and advised that they are currently investigating the problem of cars with unnecessarily loud exhausts. He spoke of an incident of assault at a local licensed premise; about an accidental fire which had occurred recently in Port William and informed members that talks were taking place within the schools, aimed at teaching internet safety. He advised that he would be meeting with the Education Department to ensure that this program reached all children and urged parents to ensure that they always knew what their children were doing when ‘on-line’.

5. Community Safety Team – Gail Pickett & Steven Newton attended the meeting and spoke about the problem of excessive dog fouling within Port William particularly around the area of Second Sands and the MUGA. They advised that free dog bags are readily available and that it is an offence not to pick up after a dog, with such an offence carrying a fixed penalty notice of £80, which can be issued by them and which will be followed by a court summons if unpaid, with the courts currently considering what further action can be taken for repeated offenders They spoke about how they are trying to address this problem but could only do so with the help of other members of the community who must report to them any sightings of such incidents on telephone no 030 33 33 3000, confirming that it would not be necessary to give any names with just a description of the dog being sufficient, which can also be given when a dog may not be with it’s owner. They warned of the diseases which can be transmitted by dog faeces and how they also give talks in the schools to highlight this problem. The Community Safety Team is based in Stranraer and consists of just six members covering 660 square miles. As well as dog fouling they deal with other issues including litter, fly tipping, abandoned cars, discarded needles, anti social behaviour and will mediate on problems caused by excessive noise, including speaking with drivers who play excessively loud music or have excessively loud exhausts. They are there to be seen and welcome members of the public approaching them and speaking with them about any such problems.

6. Minutes of the meeting held 30th November having been previously circulated and taken as read were proposed as a true and accurate record by Mr P Smellie and seconded by Mr J McMaster.

7. Matters Arising
7.1- PIRSAC – Slipway at Second Sands – Area Committee agreed to the full cost of the slipway being granted if other previously applied funding sources were unsuccessful.
7.2 – Winter Resilience Equipment – Elrig, Mochrum and Port William – not yet received – Secretary to send reminder.
7.3 – War Memorial, Port William – Power washed, November 2016 still in need of re-pointing – ownership to be established before any funding can be applied for – Mr McMaster and Mr Smellie to discuss with PWCA SCIO.
7.4 – Cul-de-Sac Bowling Green Road, Myrton Crescent and Dourie Drive – Concern expressed that there was no barrier in place at the kerb edge adjacent to the play park – Cllr Tuckfield to arrange action.
7.5 – Carsecreugh Renewable Energy Park Ltd. Windfarm Community Benefit – Funds expected within the week.

8. Machars Federation of Community Councils
8.2 – Proposed tenders for Local Bus Contracts – Consultation period Extended to 6th January 2017. – Public Transport theme to have been considered at MFCC meeting 11th January – no details available.
8.3 – Commission on Parliamentary Reform – Further details available on www.ParliamentaryReform.Scot

9. Finance Report – Treasurers Account – i) £ 831.06 with £ 262.52 of the balance restricted in respect of Christmas decorations. Village Improvements Account £ 825-40. Copies of the Financial Statement to the 25th January 2017 were made available to those present and Mr Gray explained these in detail advising that the cost of the 5 Christmas trees had been £774.00 and that £71.40 had been paid to 34SP.com in respect of the professional hosting fee for Portwilliam.com. A donation of £50.00 had been sent to the Riverside Day Centre in support of its Outreach Project in Port William which Mr McMaster advised was not getting the attendees it had hoped for and there was uncertainty as to whether this would go ahead. This will be discussed at the next meeting when a decision has been reached. Mr Gray requested permission from members to apply to view details of the bank account ‘on-line’ and this was approved.

10. Correspondence
Links to the committee paper to be presented at the Scrutiny and Performance Committee – Recommendations to Elected Members for improving Public Involvement. – Report – http://egenda.dumgal.gov.uk/aksdumgal/images/att42581.pdf
– Agenda – http://egenda.dumgal.gov.uk/aksdumgal/images/att42582.pdf
Communities Directorate- Community Planning and Engagement- Ward Working – Appointment of Ward officers to support communities – Ward Two – Wigtown West – Appointment of Graeme McKie (supported by Donna Hoodless, Community Worker) – Key Roles – Community Engagement; Community Meetings; Community Development and Empowerment and Community Planning.
Follow up to the independent review of the Scottish planning system 2016 – Scottish Community Development Centre and Nick Wright, Planning, commissioned to investigate the factors which inhibit communities, young people and other seldom-heard groups from engaging in the planning system. For further details contact Andrew Paterson at SCDC – Andrew@scdc.org.uk.
SP Energy Networks – SPEN have developed a new booklet aimed at assisting community groups looking at community energy projects – further details can be found on their website.
Appointment of new Area Manager for ScotlandTranServ – Michael Pagan – E-mail – Michael.pagan@scotlandtranserv.co.uk. Updates on the progress of the main points raised by MFCC in regard to the A75 Trunk Road received.
Notification of a meeting of the Wigtown Area Committee (Community) – Thursday 26th January 2017 in the Main Hall, Stranraer Academy 6.30 p.m. to highlight the best practice in Community Resilience in the Wigtown area.
Consultation on the removal of public call boxes in our region – Link to item 4 on the agenda being considered by the Communities Committee – http://egenda.dumgal.gov.uk/aksdumgal/users/public/admin/kab14.pl?operation=SUBMIT&meet=5&cmte=MUN&grpid=public&arc=71
Bags of Help funding scheme – to support outdoor improvements and activities for community groups, social enterprises, schools, local authorities and community councils – grants of up to £5,000 can be applied for and a full eligibility criteria and detailed application guidance is available online at http://bit.ly/bagsofhelp3 Three projects in each of the Tesco regions will receive a grant each month, with first place receiving £5,000; second place £2,000 and third place £1,000.
Digital Scotland – Scottish Government has made the commitment of delivering 100% superfast broadband across Scotland by 2021.-and the Digital Scotland website http://www.scotlandsuperfast.com/ is the most up to date source of deployment information.
Invitation to apply for tickets to ‘The Women of Dumfries and Galloway Lunch’ – Friday 10th March, Easterbrook Hall 11.30 a.m. Ticket price £37.00.e-mail mail@crichtonfoundation.com
11. Bookings for Harbour Green – None received.

12. Website Update – Mrs Pavitt gave the report and advised that although the 34SP.com fee had increased she felt it was not enough to make it worth while to look for another host. She read out an e-mail and Facebook post which had been sent to as many listings on the website as possible advising that the Port William website running costs are totally covered by PWCC and in view that all business/accommodation is listed on the website at no charge, requested consideration of a small donation to the CC to help cover costs, to be sent to the Treasurer. Accommodation is still the most visited page followed by minutes of the meetings. Mrs Pavitt advised her intention to stand down as Webmaster, although this may not be imminent, but a replacement will need to be considered.

13. Planning Applications – Mr Smellie advised of the application submitted for placement of the gravel removed form the harbour and confirmed that there were no applications giving cause for concern.

14. A.O.B. –
Notice Board – Port William – .The small notice board belonging to PWCC, placed on the wall adjacent to ’Tasty Bites’ is no longer fit for purpose and Mr McMaster agreed to arrange for its removal. A replacement was discussed but this would incur a cost of around £175/200 and it was agreed that as there is sufficient room for Community Council information to be displayed in the larger notice boards adjacent to the bus shelter no replacement would be sought at this time.
Replacement Bus Shelters – Mochrum and Port William – These have now been approved for funding and should be replaced in the near future.

There being no further business the meeting Closed at 8.50 p.m. Next Meeting 22nd February 2017. 7.30 p.m. Maxwell Hall.

Agenda – Wednesday 22nd February 2017 – 7.30 pm Maxwell Hall, Port William.

1. Attendance – CC/Public
2. Apologies/Not Present
3. Declarations of Interest

4. Police Report

5.. Minutes of Meeting 25th January 2017

6. Matters Arising

7. Federation of Community Councils

8. Finance Report

9. Correspondence

10. Bookings for Harbour Green

11. Website Update

12. Planning Applications

13. A.O.B

Next Meeting :Wednesday 29th March 2017 , 7.30 p.m.