Draft Minutes of recent meeting & Agenda for next

Draft Minutes of the Meeting held Wednesday 26th July 2017. 7.30 p.m. Maxwell Hall, Port William.
1. Present:-
Community Councillors: Mrs A. Highman (Chairman); Mr P. Smellie (Vice Chairman);
Mr P. Carrigan; Mr R. McElrea; Mr J. McMaster; Mrs H. Pavitt; Mrs P. Watkins; Mr P. Williams.

No D&G Elected Councillors were present.

2. Apologies – D. Inglis; Mrs J, Gray (Secretary); Mr J. Gray (Treasurer); Mr D. Ballantyne

3. Declarations of Interest relating to Agenda Item 9: –
Youth Group/ Community Development Trust: Mr P. Carrigan, Mrs P. Watkins
Parents and Friends of Port William Primary School: None
M.A.D.A.G.: Mr. P. Carrigan, Mr. J. McMaster
Port William Bowling Club: Mrs A. Highman

4. Police Report
PC Dodds attended the meeting
– Three cases of vandalism to cars had been reported in Sea View, with a fourth in another location.
– One incident of an unlicensed vehicle had been reported
– Following a previous report of a farm trailer, with no lights or reflectors, being left at the Second Sands car park, PC Dodds had spoken to the owner, who had agreed to find alternative arrangements for overnight parking.
– Complaints from road users about the difficulty in navigating the bridge over the Killantrae Burn in South Street. Consideration may need to be given to redesigning the layout of the road to allow the safe passage of large vehicles.
-Concern had also been expressed about an obstruction to traffic outside the ironmongers/ hairdressers, which had been resolved.
– Mr Williams raised concerns expressed by lorry drivers who, when proceeding from a northerly direction and attempting to turn up the hill towards Elrig, were finding cars occasionally parked in the layby adjacent to the West Barr caravan site. The matter was discussed, and it was agreed that this was not a police matter, but that the Council should be approached about making the purpose of the ‘layby’ clear and to strengthen the signage.

5. Minutes of the meeting held 28th June 2017 having been previously circulated and taken as read were proposed as a true and accurate record by Mr P. Williams and seconded by Mr P. Carrigan.

6. Matters Arising
Relating to the minutes of 28th June 2017
– 6.1- Second ‘Please do not park on the grass sign’ has not yet arrived
– 6.2- Replacement information sign for Second Sands- Community Councillors had met with Alan
Wake and Graeme McKie (D&G Council Ward Officer) and discussed the project. Although it was believed that the council had been involved with the original sign, no record could be traced. Graham McKie was informed that the pointing of the stone structure would be undertaken by a local volunteer, and Graham was to investigate the use of the council Graphics Department, and to that end Mr P. Williams had provided Graham with the dimensions of the existing sign.
– 10. A77 closure for road maintenance has been delayed following community feedback, and is now being planned for September 2017.
– 14. Elrig to Lochhead verges have been cut
– 14. Rubbish bin delivered to the causeway
-14. No feedback received on road issues reported (Junction of Mochrum to Airyhassen road; Dourie Farm to Monreith road surface)

7. Broader Machars Federation of Community Councils- Report from Peter Smellie
AGM held 30th June, attended by Mrs Highman and Mr Smellie.
– Antony Berretti from Cree Valley was elected as Convenor, Peter Smellie remained as Secretary, but will be relinquishing the role at the next meeting, potentially in October.
– Nick Walker (outgoing Convenor) and Peter Smellie (Secretary) gave brief reports. The two D&G Councillors present, Jim McColm and Graham Nichol, provided an overview of the D&G Council Changes since the recent elections, and also highlighted areas of concern and interest to the region, including education, health, roads and the difficulties faced when attempting to serve the needs of the Community with a dwindling budget and reduced manpower.
Planning Meeting held 19th July 2017
– Present- Antony Berretti, Nick Walker, Peter Smellie and Graeme McKie
– Handover meeting from the retiring Convenor to Antony, also discussed possible items for future meetings of the Federation, including Waste Management, Roads, the Health Service, Public Transport and a meeting with Senior Police officers for the area.

8. Treasurer’s Report – Treasurers Account –
In the absence of the Treasurer, Mr J. Gray, Mr P. Smellie presented the financial statement, which was published to all present at the meeting. The two accounts were in credit (Treasurer’s Bank Account £744.74, Village Improvements Account (Restricted fund) £1066.40) and in addition to the usual outgoings (Scottish Power), expenses were paid to the secretary, Mrs J. Gray. Mr J. McMaster was thanked for his efforts in emptying the wishing well, which yielded £30 for the Community Council.

9. Carsecreugh Renewable Energy Park Ltd – Windfarm Community Benefit
Mr. Smellie had circulated details of the applications and amount of money to allocate prior to the meeting.
The total sum applied for is ….£2736.89
The available money is…………..£2344.00 (plus an unknown inflationary increment)

The allocation of funds was discussed by the eligible members (see Agenda Item 3 for details), and it was agreed that the disbursement of funds would be:

Sum Allocated
The Parents and Friends of Port William Primary School (first application)
M.A.D.A.G. (third application)
Port William Bowling Club (first application)
Port William Youth Group (second application)

The distribution of the actual funds will be made once that value is known later in the year, for there is usually an inflationary element added to the total grant.

10. Correspondence
E-Mail Correspondence Received since the last meeting
Jenni Gray
Dumfries and Galloway Coaching Awards, nominations close 25/08/17. 10 categories to choose from. Nomination forms available from Community Council members.
Jenni Gray
Scottish Fire and Rescue Draft Plan Consultation- online survey open until 03/09/17. Link https://firescotland.citizenspace.com
Jenni Gray
Provisional Bank of Scotland hours, Thursday 10:45 to 12noon.
Jenni Gray
Scottish Government Climate Change Bill consultation. Details available at https://consult.scotland.gov.uk/energy-and-climate-change-directorate/climate-change-bill/
Jenni Gray
Scottish Government “Community Empowerment and Common Good Property: Consultation on Draft guidance” consultation. Details available at https://consult.scotland.gov.uk/local-government-policy/community-empowerment-and-common-good-property
Jenni Gray
Tesco ‘Bags for Help Scheme’, funding details available at https://www.groundwork.org.uk/Sites/tescocommunityscheme/pages/Category/boh-grant-for-project-tes
Jenni Gray
Free 3 day training sessions (14, 15 and 29/09/17 in Stranraer) on Participatory Appraisal (community engagement) in relation to ‘…Community Empowerment Scotland Act and the recently updated Scottish Government National Standards of Community Engagement’. For Community Councillors and ‘Community Activists’. Contact Karen Lewis on Tel: 01387 269161 Email: karen.lewis@thehubdg.org.uk for details.

11. Bookings for Harbour Green
– Carnival Week booking received from Port William Community Council SCIO

12. Website Update
– No issues had been reported, and the website is working well

13. Planning Applications
– Nothing relevant to Port William.

14. A.O.B.
– At the Broader Machars Federation of Community Councils meeting, a question was posed by the D&G Councillors present, Jim McColm and Graham Nicol, who had requested feedback on the need for Councillors consultation surgeries, as under the newly constituted Council the ability of Councillors to perform their duties effectively across such a wide area meant that they were looking to find efficiency savings. Mrs Highman and Mr Smellie had agreed to bring the matter before the Community Council.
The matter was discussed, and Mr P. Carrigan added that the surgery which had been held in Monreith Village Hall had already been cancelled. Discussion among the Community Councillors present agreed that in the current age of electronic communication the need for such physical meetings had been supplanted, however, if any constituent did wish to speak with a D&G Councillor in person, then it could be arranged via the Community Council.
– Charles Marshall from the Furniture Project will be attending the October meeting of the Community Association. Feedback will then be given by Community Councillors who are in attendance as to the value of his attending a Community Council meeting.
– The Community Association will be arranging for the Union Jack to be flown on Merchant Navy Day, September 3rd 2017.
– The Community Association, in the person of Mr R. Kinnear, had surveyed the seating in the village and have identified that the picnic tables at the end of the causeway are in need of replacement and have identified a candidate priced at over £500. Mr P. Smellie asked the meeting whether the balance of the Community Council wind farm grant (£193.70) could be used to assist that project, but the feeling of the meeting was to preserve the monies for the signage at Second Sands.
– The Community Council wished to express its thanks to Messrs. T. Steel, J. Kevan and J. Blair for their efforts in refurbishing the wishing well, flag pole and seating in the environs of the village.
– The Secretary, Mrs J. Gray, had received a request from the D&G Library, Information and Archives department for the Community Council to nominate two people for inclusion in their records. It was agreed that, as long as the secretary agrees, that the nominees would be the secretary and chair.
– It was reported that the ‘industrial sized’ waste bin placed between the View and the harbour wall
a. Had a broken lid, and
b. Was often full to overflowing (perhaps due to the nature of the material disposed of in that manner, viz polystyrene fish boxes)
It was agreed that the secretary would write to the harbourmaster on this matter, requesting action, the repair/ replacement of the current bin, and possibly the installation of a second one.
– Mr P. Williams reported that he had received complaints from the drivers of ‘curtain sided’ vehicles making their way toward Elrig, as the sides of their vehicles were being ripped by the overhanging branches. Mr Williams had reported the matter to the secretary, who had forwarded it on to D&G Council; as yet no plan of action had been communicated back.
– Bank of Scotland mobile bank- planned location in the village
Mrs A. Highman reported that there was concern in the village that the planning position for the mobile bank would be in the car park at the view. It was considered that the position is extremely exposed, and that the location away from the centre of the village was a disadvantage to those in the community who are less nimble than others. The views were corroborated by those present, and it was agreed that the secretary would write to Mr R. Lever of the Bank of Scotland expressing those concerns, and also offering a location within the square for the Bank; it is understood that the area required to position the mobile bank is almost twice the length of the unit, so the letter will need to establish those requirements so that a more practical solution may be sought.

There being no further business the meeting Closed at 8:30 p.m.

Next Meeting 27th September 2017. 7.30 p.m. Maxwell Hall



Agenda – Wednesday 27th September 2017 – 7.30 pm Maxwell Hall, Port William.

1. Attendance – CC/Public
2. Apologies/Not Present
3. Declarations of Interest

4. Police Report

5.. Minutes of Meeting 26th July 2017

6. Matters Arising

7.. Federation of Community Councils

8. Finance Report

9. Correspondence

10. Bookings for Harbour Green

11. Website Update

12. Planning Applications

13. A.O.B

Next Meeting Wednesday 25th October 2017 – 7.30 p.m.