Draft Minutes of recent meeting & Agenda for next.


Draft Minutes of the Meeting held Wednesday 31st July 2019.8.00 p.m. Maxwell Hall, Port William

  1. PRESENT:- Community Councillors: Mrs A Highman (Chairman); Mr P Smellie (Vice-Chair); Mrs J Gray (Secretary);

Mr D Ballantyne (Treasurer); Mr P Carrigan; Mr J Gray; Mr J McMaster; Mrs H Pavitt; Mrs P Watkins.

Apologies – Mr R McElrea.

  1. Declarations of Interest: – Mr P Carrigan, PWCDT; Mrs J Gray, Port William Senior Citizens; Mr J Gray PWCA SCIO; Mrs A Highman, Port William Senior Citizens; Mr J McMaster PWCA SCIO; Mr P Smellie, Maxwell Hall Management Committee; Mrs P Watkins PWCDT; .
  1. Police Report – Officer P.C. John Jamieson attended and advised of five significant incidences as follows – 9.07.19 Report of damage to a drystone dyke, to an outbuilding, and to former changing rooms at Maxwell Park, local youngsters suspected; 13th July Male person and vehicle driver c/c RT offences following an RTC outside the Spar Shop, The Square, Port William; 15th July notification of road closure received for 8th August 14.30 to 22.00 re Carnival celebrations; 21st July two males reported for threatening and abusive behaviour including a hate crime aggravation against one of the males involved and on the 30th July it was recorded that a male person originating from Paisley is to be traced and charged with stalking type behaviour including threatening/offensive messaging via telecommunications, abusive behaviour and sexual harm in relation to offences committed in June 2019. P.C. Jamieson also advised of Police Scotland’s support for Team Cyber UK’s forthcoming Phishing campaign; warned of a scam whereby members of the Community are targeted by fraudsters informing them that an HMRC warrant has been issued for their arrest in relation to unpaid tax; and advised how Police Scotland are warning people against taking part in the ‘derelict building exploring’ trend currently being driven by YouTube, as it is not only dangerous but also a crime to break into and explore a derelict building. Members expressed concern at a leaflet recently delivered to residents of Port William requesting items of jewellery and furniture for purchase and although there is no reason to consider this to be in anyway fraudulent P.C. Jamieson advised that extra caution should always be taken with anyone adopting this type of approach and to contact the police if they feel that anything they consider suspicious should occur.
  1. Minutes of the meeting held 26th June having been previously circulated and taken as read were proposed as a true and accurate record by Mr P Smellie and seconded by Mr J Gray.

5. Matters Arising

5.1 – Street Lighting – Light outside 73 Main Street, Port William still awaiting repair – Secretary to make further request

5.2. – Gents toilet, Port William – reply sent to complainant – e-mail returned as address unacceptable – possible hoax.

5.3 – Pureutilities.co.uk – re water services at the Youth Centre – confirmation received that Scottish Water have awarded 100% exemption with effect from 1st April 2019 – no further action required

6. Wind Farm Applications – Mr Smellie circulated a document relevant to the funding requests received for payment from the Carscreugh Renewable Energy Park Ltd Community Wind Farm benefit to be paid in Jan/Feb 2020, with total funds requested amounting to £ 4809; but with expected available funds to be around £ 2508, deeming it necessary to either disallow or reduce requests accordingly. Mr Smellie advised that as designated Wind Farm representative for PWCC he did not wish to be party to the discussions on how the available funds should be distributed and exited the meeting. A lengthy discussion ensued and concluded with Mrs Pavitt making the following proposal, seconded by Mr Ballantyne:-

PWCA SCIO to receive £ 209.00; Youth Group £ 384.00; Port William Senior Citizens £ 200; Mothers & Toddlers £ 235; Maxwell Hall Management Group £1230.00; PWCC £250.00. The proposal was agreed by a majority of those present with an additional agreement that any extra funds received should be given to PWCA SCIO. Matters arising from the discussion led to the possibility of coat hooks being put in place within the Maxwell Hall and the suggestion that PWCC should receive a percentage of the Wind Farm benefit annually as they have no other means of raising funds.

7. Finance Report – Mr Ballantyne advised that he had now amalgamated the Treasurers Account and the Village Improvements Account into one and that the balance stood at £ 1247-03 which included an amount of £ 651-89 designated for village improvements. Copies of the Financial Statement were made available to those present. He spoke again of internet banking and confirmed that although any transactions would need to be approved by two signatories it is possible to do so electronically which could be set up in conjunction with Mr Smellie, and it was agreed that he should go ahead with this. Mr McMaster agreed to empty the ‘Wishing Well’ and members were advised that should there be a need to hire the Maxwell Hall for a contested election of candidates for Community Council membership in October, DGC would make the necessary booking but the fee would need to be met by the Community Council from the discretionary grant.

8. Correspondence

  • Details of the Tesco Centenary Fund – for the eligibility checker, more information and to submit an online application go to http://bit.ly/centenarygrant
  • Donations requested for any school uniforms and stationery items no longer needed – Donate at Tesco, Charlotte Street, Stranraer
  • Meeting held 18th July Newton Stewart – the future of Public Conveniences and Customer Service Centres – Mr Ballantyne attended and advised that there is no statutory requirement to provide public toilets and that with a need to save £ 128,000 from the public convenience budget Port William toilets could be under threat of closure. Customer Service Centres not yet discussed in any detail.
  • Refurbishment and resurfacing works A75 at Ramhill near Castle Douglas – 15th July to 9th September – Lane closures to be implemented with a series of 15 overnight closures being necessary.
  • Notification of intention to replace the Glass Recycling skip at the Maxwell Hall – copy of letter sent to Mr Smellie
  • A75 between Newton Stewart and Glenluce – resurfacing works – 19th to 28th July
  • Third Sector Dumfries – Wigtownshire Roadshow – 23rd July – Waverley Hall, Creetown.
  • Campaign to reopen the Dumfries-Stranraer Railway – meeting to be held Castle Douglas 3rd August – for further information go to https://www.facebook.com/ReopenTheDumfriesStranraerRailway/
  • South West Scotland Community Rail Partnership – funding applied for from Carrick Futures for a car park at Barhill Station – letter of support requested – Secretary to reply.
  • Support for Health & Wellbeing in Wigtownshire meeting – 17th July, Ryan Centre, Stranraer
  • Details of Area Committee Anti-Poverty Grant funding 2019/2020 available on the website – closing date 24th July
  • NHS Dumfries & Galloway Board are looking for somebody to become part of the Non-Executive Team, who will also undertake the role of Whistleblowing Champion for the Board – closing date 12th August – details at www.appointed-for-scotland.org
  • Saving Scotland’s Red Squirrels – East Wigtownshire Group – for further information go to https://scottishsquirrels.org.uk/network-directory/east-wigtownshire-public/
  • Survey seeking views of communities across Scotland about community engagement in decisions relating to land – open until the end of September – www.landcommission.gov.scot/communityengagement
  • Machars Action – Minutes of Meeting held 17th June; Agenda 22nd July; Update of accounts to 19th July; Notification of meeting to be held 2nd September, Mrs Gray to attend.
  • Third Sector Dumfries & Galloway – Roadshow – 20th August, Sandhead Church Hall 10.30 – 12.30
  • Creative Play catalogue, and letter requesting contact with them if planning any future outdoor projects – www.creativeplayuk.com
  • Notification of elections for Community Council members – open from 13th August to 3rd September – for further information go to Community.Councils@dumgal.gov.uk

9. Bookings for Harbour Green – No bookings received

10. Website Update – Nothing to report

11. Planning Applications – auction of the Monreith Arms Hotel – July – not sold

12. A.O.B. –

  • Speeding traffic – St Medans, Monreith – Secretary to report.
  • White Lines at the Kelton Steps, Car Park A747 – in need of refreshing – Secretary to report
  • Concern was expressed at mud on the road, Dourie Farm – members felt that this was washed regularly and further advice was given that the problem would be alleviated when building of the new milking parlour was completed.
  • All facilities at the Youth Centre are now fully available for use, including the outdoor gym and room hire and members were encouraged to publicise this whenever possible.
  • Request received to issue a notice requesting residents not to feed the seagulls – passed to Regional Council members
  • Dangerous drain outside 13 Main Street reported – inspected and cones positioned.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.10. Next meeting 25th September 7.30 p.m.


Agenda – Wednesday 25th September 2019 – 7.30 pm Maxwell Hall, Port William.

  1. Attendance – CC/Public
  2. Apologies/Not Present
  3. Declarations of Interest
  1. Police Report

5.. Minutes of Meeting 31st July 2019

6. Matters Arising

7. Treasurer’s report

8. Correspondence

9. Bookings for Harbour Green

10. Website Update

11. Planning Applications


First Meeting of New Community Council Wednesday 30th October 2019 –

7.30 p.m.