Draft Minutes of recent meeting & Agenda for next – this month there are also the draft minutes from the 2018 AGM and the Agenda for the 2019 AGM


Draft Minutes of the A.G.M. Meeting held Wednesday 30th May 2018

7.30 p.m. Maxwell Hall, Port William.

  1. PRESENT:- Community Councillors : Mrs A Highman (Chairman); Mr P Smellie (Vice-Chairman);

Mrs J Gray (Secretary); Mr J Gray (Treasurer); Mrs F Broll; Mr P Carrigan; Mr D Ballantyne.

Mr P Williams; Mrs S Windle

  1. Apologies – Mr R McElrea; Mr J McMaster; Mrs H Pavitt; Mrs P Watkins.
  1. The minutes of the A.G.M. held 31st May 2017 having been previously circulated were taken as read, approved and proposed as a true and accurate record by Mr P Williams, Seconded by Mr P Carrigan and signed by the Chairman.
  2. Chairman’s Report. – Mrs Highman said how this year the Community Council had ,as usual, spent time discussing the ongoing problems of speeding vehicles, road and infrastructure conditions, especially pot holes, and dealing with other issues as raised by residents. She spoke of the Carscreugh Renewable Energy Park Ltd, Windfarm Community Benefit and the applications received from Parents & Friends of Port William Primary School; MADAG; P.W.Bowling Club; and the Youth Group all of which had received a positive response; the continuance of the Federation of Community Council meetings; the speakers we have welcomed from the Galloway National Park Association; and of how our members had attended a Harbour Users meeting also attended by the Harbour Master, Marine Risk consultants and a representative from the D & G Leader Programme, adding that although this had been a worthwhile meeting with various matters discussed and concerns raised regarding the operation of the harbour, to date the suggested formation of a Harbour Users Group has not materialised. In January Karen Brownlie, Community Assets Manager for the Wigtown area and Graeme Mckie, Ward Worker for Mid Galloway and Wigtown West spoke about the necessity of a Hall Management Committee being formed to run the Maxwell Hall, this was followed up with a Public meeting and a subsequent Working Group was set up. Liaison with the Bank of Scotland to address concerns raised by residents using the Mobile Banking Service has been ongoing, a poster competition was held in conjunction with P.W. Primary School and the Community Safety Team to raise awareness of the continuing problem of dog fouling and Mrs Highman said how she had, together with the Secretary attended a workshop concerning future ways of delivering the NHS in the area and that they had also joined with other Community Councils to meet with our M.P. Alister Jack in the McMillan Hall. Mrs Highman concluded her report by expressing her appreciation at the regular attendance of a Police Officer at our meetings keeping us up to date on the forces work in our area, adding that we would particularly miss P.C. Billy Dodds who always gave such an excellent report but wishing him well as he goes on to join the Community Safety Team; she ensured our support for any future plans concerning the Monreith Arms; and finally expressed her thanks to the Vice-Chairman; Secretary; Treasurer; to all Community Council members and to the elected members of D & G Council for their support throughout the year.
  3. Financial Statement – Copies of the Income and Expenditure Account for the year ended 31st March 2018 were circulated to those present and Mr Gray gave a full break down of the figures for the year, advising that the year had begun with £875.86 in the Treasurers Bank Account and £1386.49 in the Village Improvements Account with interest for the year amounting to just £0.57 at 0.05%. Income had included £ 2426 received from The Carscreugh Renewable Energy Park Ltd Windfarm Benefit and this had all been distributed in accordance with applications received. He thanked D & G Council for the two grants received through the year; £595.30 being the Discretionary Grant which covers the administration costs of the Community Council and which includes an additional £100 as members of the Broader Machars Federation of Community Councils and £493.60 towards the decorative festive lighting; a refund of £42.17 had been received from Scottish Power; and the ‘Wishing Well’ donations for the year had totalled £76.47. Expenditure had included the sum of £756.12, being 97.7% of the total cost of the Christmas Trees which had been passed to PWCA SCIO; £350.30 had been paid from the Village Improvements A/c for the supply of stone chips for the Harbour Green Car Park; 2 ‘Do not Park on The Grass’ signs, gifts for the 3 retiring D & G elected members and Book Tokens as prizes in the poster competition had all been purchased with a total outlay of £110.97 and the usual Remembrance Day wreath was purchased. The web site fee had been £96.40, the annual lease fee to the Dourie Farming Company of £20 had been paid and with the annual running costs of printing, postage etc added in the total Expenditure for the year amounted to £4351-80 with an Income of only £3845-61, leaving a deficit for the year of £506.20 with a closing balance of £642.92 in the Treasurers Account and £1113.23 in the Village Improvements Account (Bank of Scotland Business Banking Instant Access Account). Mr Gray concluded his report with grateful thanks to Mrs Audrey Kevan for having checked the accounts.
  1. Election of Office Bearers.
    • Mr Smellie took the Chair for the election of the Chairman, with Mrs A Highman being proposed by Mrs S Windle. Seconded by Mr P Williams.
    • Vice- Chairman – Mr P Smellie – proposed by Mr D Ballantyne. Seconded by Mr P Carrigan.
    • Secretary – Mrs J Gray – proposed by Mr P Williams – Mrs Gray advised her decision not to accept this role but in the absence of any other nominee she agreed to continue to administer the post until such time as a replacement could be found. It was agreed that this must be given urgent consideration, and that members should also consider potential nominees for membership of the Community Council, particularly with a view to the elections which will take place in October 2019.
    • Treasurer – Mr J Gray – proposed by Mr P Smellie. Seconded by Mr D Ballantyne.

Mr P Smellie agreed to remain as Press Officer and Windfarm Representative, Mrs H Pavitt had agreed to remain as Webmaster until such time as she moves from the area and Mr D Ballantyne together with Mr P Smellie will continue to monitor planning applications and will bring to the attention of the Community Council anything controversial that may need to be discussed.

M Smellie expressed thanks to the Chairman for all of her hard work and there being no further business the meeting closed at 8.00 p.m.


WEDNESDAY 29th MAY 2019 at 7.30pm




Minutes of AGM 30th May 2018

Matters Arising

Chairperson’s Report

Financial Statement

Election of Office Bearers & Committee





Press Officer

Wind Farm Community Benefit Representative

Web Master

Any other competent Business



Draft Minutes of the Meeting held Wednesday 24th April 2019. 7.30 p.m. Maxwell Hall, Port William

  1. PRESENT:- Community Councillors: Mrs A Highman (Chairman); Mr P Smellie (Vice-Chair); Mr J Gray (Treasurer);

Mr D Ballantyne: Mr P Carrigan; Mrs J Gray; Mr R McElrea; Mrs H Pavitt; Mr P Williams; Mrs S Windle.

Regional Councillors – Cllr Katie Hagmann; Cllr David Inglis.

Members of the Public – One

Apologies – Cllr J McColm; Mrs F Broll; Mr J McMaster; Mrs P Watkins.

  1. Declarations of Interest: – Mr P Carrigan PWCDT.
  1. Police Report – One officer attended and confirmed that there were no incidences to report within the Port William area. He advised that priority was being given to the continuing search for Mr Gavin Tait from Wigtown, last seen on the 18th March; and informed members of a current initiative concerning agricultural vehicles being driven by young people often whilst using mobile phones.
  1. Minutes of the meeting held 27th March having been previously circulated and taken as read were proposed as a true and accurate record by Mr P Williams and seconded by Mr P Smellie.

5. Matters Arising

5.1 – Port William Harbour – 6 out of 9 tall lights now working as well as a couple of the lowers. Clerk of Works currently on leave but will meet with Robert Dodds from Derek Mitchell Electric on his return to arrange completion of further necessary works which may require spares.

5.2 – Street Lighting – Port William and Elrig – Expected repair of failed lights within the Square Friday 26th April – Cllr Inglis to arrange repair of other previously reported failures.

5.3. – Request for additional street light, Elrig – In accordance with minutes of meeting held 30th January when members agreed to pursue the request for this additional street light and in accordance with the minutes of the meeting held 27th February when Cllr McColm agreed to confirm availability of funds from Area Committee Discretionary Fund, Mrs Gray to further contact Cllr McColm to request current availability of such funding and advice on what steps need to be taken to arrange possible placement of required light; Cllr Hagmann reminded members that she had previously researched the siting of such light and obtained a report from the Road Safety team who had advised that there had been no reported accidents within a five year period 2013 to 2018 and that the area in question would not be considered as having a road safety issue.

5.4 – Summer seats –i) Additional picnic table for placement on the Harbour Green, request to Community Development Trust to meet the cost – letter received advising that PWCDT would not be able to fund such a purchase but would be willing to make a donation towards a seat along the shore line of the Kings Green play area. This was discussed and agreed that a picnic table within the Kings Green play area would be a preferable purchase and Mr Smellie agreed to research cost of purchase through D & G Council. PWCDT to be requested to make a donation towards this with remainder of costs to be met from Carscreugh Renewable Energy Park Ltd Windfarm Benefit Grant. Cllr Inglis reminded members that core community funding could also be applied for. ii) Request received from Building Healthy Communities to site a memorial bench, in memory of Pam Paterson, ‘around the View’. This was discussed and although agreed in principle Mrs Gray will reply requesting details of the exact location intended and confirmation of who will be responsible for its continued maintenance.

5.5 – Broken edge of road, harbour side of traffic island – repairs not yet activated – Cllr Inglis to pursue.

6. Federation of Community Councils – Nothing to Report.

7. Maxwell Hall – i) SCIO applied for. ii) Bookings now being taken by management group with official take over date 1st June and invoices to be issued from 1st July. iii) Bi-weekly meetings planned with next meeting to be held 14th May – meeting to communicate the procedures that will be followed when hiring out the hall and explanation of changes to be made. Agenda to include – The booking process; Invoicing and Payment; Hire Terms and Conditions; Cleaning; and Insurance. Mrs Pavitt to attend. iii) Concern expressed at level of noise from the Main Hall being disruptive to meetings being held in the Supper Room.

8. Election of New Treasurer – Mr Gray having previously advised his wish to retire as Treasurer was duly thanked by the Chairman for the 37 years of faithful service which he had given. Douglas Ballantyne was subsequently proposed to take on the role by Peter Smellie; Seconded by Peter Williams and accepted by the members.

9. Finance Report – Treasurers Account – £ 769-24. Village Improvements Account £ 685-14. Copies of the Financial Statement to the 24th April 2019 were made available to those present and explained in detail.

10. Correspondence

  • Children’s Rights and Participation Team – details of 6 unconference events ‘ Rights Cafes’ being held around Scotland
  • Request to ‘ Fly the Red Ensign for Merchant Navy Day’ on 3rd September – passed to PWCA SCIO
  • Community Council Newsletter April 2019
  • Local road networks in Scotland survey – go to www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/VoLRiS or for further information e-mail Derek Stewart on Derek.stewart@communitymodels.co.uk
  • Letter from Emma Harper MSP requesting Community Councils to propose a discussion on the use of an Anaerobic Digester for dog waste
  • Third Sector, Dumfries & Galloway – Notification of Funding and Support Roadshow 25th April

10.00 a.m. Twynholm Village Hall

  • PIRSAC – request to site a stone or cairn on the edge of the Harbour Green on the sea side – reply sent requesting further details in regard to final decision re stone or cairn and as to what sort of size it may be.
  • Project map sent from Scotland TranServ on behalf of Transport Scotland – further details at www.scotlandtranserv.co.uk
  • ‘Effectively Tackling and Preventing Serious and Organised Crime’ forum -16th July –

Central London

  • Link to Summary of Health Secretary’s Meeting with the Community Hospital Action Group
  • Westminster Briefing – 26th June – up-to-date brief on the latest developments in local government complaint handling – for further details contact Customer.Services@westminster-briefing.com
  • Third Sector, Dumfries – invitation to attend first meeting of Chief Officers who lead a voluntary organisation, have created a social enterprise or head up a charity – 24th April
  • 4th Annual Tackling Loneliness Forum – 4th July – Central London – For further details telephone 0203 770 6580
  • Third Sector Dumfries – 10 questions that have been created for organisations to consider as good practice – for further details contact alan.hall@tsdg.org.uk.
  • Audit scope: NHS in Scotland – report to be published October 2019 – for further information contact fwatson@audit-scotland.gov.uk
  • Solway Firth Partnership – World Oceans Day event 8th June – ideas requested for possible participants or activities – e-mail Nic Coombey on nic@solwayfirthpartnership.co.uk
  • 30th April 7.00 p.m. – meeting at the Steam Packet, Isle of Whithorn to encourage people to get involved in the setting up of a Coastal Rowing Club with the aim of encouraging participation in boat building and rowing.
  • Suggestion received via portwilliam.com for a beach clean on 8th June – forwarded to PWCA SCIO – reply received expressing disappointment that when these have been arranged in the past very few turn out to help, and with the suggestion that each village group should send a couple of members from their organisation to assist. Secretary requested to reply to confirm date, and advertising of the event.
  • BBC Scotland – Debate Night – 5th May – Invitation to apply to take part in the broadcast – e-mail debatenightaudience@mentorn.tv
  • Ward Event – Waste and Recycling – Douglas Ewart High School – 7th May – 7.00 p.m. – an opportunity to meet the new Head Teacher of the DEHS and to find out how our Council handles the treatment, recycling and disposal of waste within the Ward and wider region.
  • Crichton University Campus – 7th May – Dame Barbara Kelly discusses the history of the Campus. To get a free ticket go to bit.ly/damebarbara
  • HAGS – Spring offers 2019
  • PWCDT – Invitation to the opening of the outdoor gym and the extension to the youth centre – 23rd May -2.30 p.m.

11. Bookings for Harbour Green – No bookings received

12. Website Update – Nothing to report

13. Planning Applications – Nothing applicable but Mr Ballantyne advised of the upcoming auction of the Monreith Arms Hotel which will take place at Glasgow Radisson Hotel – 30th April – Guide price £ 75,000

14. A.O.B. –

  • Concern expressed at missed collection of recycling bins – Cllr Hagmann advised members of a form available on D & G website which should be completed if bins are not collected – she also reminded members that although a decision on whether the provision of stacking bins on wheels was still in abeyance assistance with putting out recycling bins for collection can be requested if necessary. Members were also reminded that, as per the minutes of 30th January, one of the two bins sited at Kings Green has been re-sited at Auchenmalg and advice received that specific dog bins are no longer installed with all available bins to be used for dog waste.
  • Clantibuies – road subsiding – Cllr Inglis to report
  • Bench – Garnets Path – in need of repair – Secretary to request Mr McMaster to investigate
  • Cllr Hagmann advised of an issue with the bus service to the DEHS – to be addressed
  • Southern Uplands Partnership – Cllr Hagmann advised of a meeting set up with the Galloway National Park Association and the Biosphere
  • Cllr Inglis advised of the Galloway Gateway Newssheet and Advertiser which is being set up by the Newton Stewart Initiative and edited by Louise Kerr and invited members to contact Louise with any possible entries.
  • Concern was expressed that mud on the road close to the Dourie Farming Co could be a danger to cyclists and all were advised to take extra care.
  • Members expressed their sympathy to all at the Clansman following the fire there on Saturday evening.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.00. Next meeting 29th May AGM 7.30 p.m. Meeting 8.00 p.m.


Agenda – Wednesday 29TH May 2019 – 8.00 pm Maxwell Hall, Port William.

  1. Attendance – CC/Public
  2. Apologies/Not Present
  3. Declarations of Interest
  1. Police Report

5.. Minutes of Meeting 24TH April 2019

6. Matters Arising

7. Maxwell Hall

8. Federation of Community Councils

9. Treasurer’s report

10. Correspondence

11. Bookings for Harbour Green

12. Website Update

13. Planning Applications


Next Meeting Wednesday 26th June 2019 – 7.30 p.m.