Draft Minutes of recent meeting & Agenda for next

Draft Minutes of the Meeting held Wednesday 29th November 2017. 7.30 p.m. Maxwell Hall, Port William
1. PRESENT:- Community Councillors: Mrs A Highman (Chairman); Mr P Smellie (Vice Chairman);
Mrs J Gray (Secretary); Mr J Gray (Treasurer); Mr D Ballantyne; Mr P Carrigan; Mr. R McElrea;
Mr J McMaster; Mrs H Pavitt; Mrs P Watkins; Mr P Williams.

Cllr Mr D Inglis; Cllr K Hagman; Cllr J McColm:

2. Apologies – Mrs F Broll; Mrs S Windle.

3. Declarations of Interest: – Mr P Carrigan; Mr J McMaster MADAG.

4. Police Report – Constable Dodds attended and advised members of incidents involving a vandalised car at Seaview Farm; an abandoned vehicle on the Harbour; and the violation of the car wash machine at Allison Motors. He spoke of the police presence at eleven services of Remembrance across the region; a Get Ready for Winter motoring campaign where lights, tyres and windscreen washer bottles would be checked; the Don’t Drink & Drive campaign which will start on the 1st Monday in December, adding that it is never acceptable to drive whilst under the influence of drink or drugs and that this is relevant all year round not just during the campaign; and highlighted a particular scam targeting Netflix account holders, which threatens to suspend account users and directs them to a link which when opened requests account and billing details.. A major programme of events has been planned by Police Scotland for 2018, in support of the Year of Young People; members were advised of the ‘Herbert Protocol’ which relates to a Missing Person Vulnerable Person Incident Form. This document can be downloaded from either the NHS or Police Scotland website and can be completed with information in respect of vulnerable persons suffering the effects of Dementia and should they go missing such information being readily available would then enable officers to produce a more rapid response; and the Neighbourhood Watch newsletter was made available. This contains information on both winter and festive safety which can be included on the website. Constable Dodds also referred to the minutes of the meeting held 26th July which had raise concerns about the difficulty in navigating the bridge over the Killantrae Burn in South Street advising that any new layout to the road would be the responsibility of the Roads Authority and as there had been no reported incidents of road traffic collisions recorded since January 2012 and yellow lines having been suggested in the past and residents not wanting to have these introduced he suggested a campaign to instigate parking responsibly which it was agreed maybe beneficial.

5. Minutes of the meeting held 25th October having been previously circulated and taken as read were proposed as a true and accurate record by Mr P Williams and seconded by Mr D Ballantyne.

6. Matters Arising
6.1 – Bank of Scotland – Mobile Bank – Complaints having been received of customers still waiting to be served at 12.00 noon and being sent away; the difficult access into the mobile branch; and the current location of the vehicle, a further notification had been sent to the Local Director’s Assistant of the Bank of Scotland asking him to address these points. A reply was received advising that the availability of the service would be extended by a quarter of an hour to 12.15 p.m. with effect from 1st January, and that a sign would be sited outside the mobile branch advising of the availability of a lift for disabled access which would highlight the prominence of this service. Regrettably the mobile branch cannot be re-sited to the Maxwell Hall as the area is not large enough to accommodate the vehicle but the staff had indicated that the majority of customers have been complimentary on its current location as it sits close to local amenities.
6.2 – Galloway Community Hospital Action Group – The rally held 28th October in Stranraer was attended by around 60 local residents including Dr Angela Armstrong who had subsequently written to the Chairman of the NHS Board expressing concern that no representative from the Health Board had been available to speak with them and issuing an invitation to Mr Jones to meet with members of the group at a time convenient to him in Stranraer or if necessary in Dumfries. This was discussed and members spoke of the difficulties in resourcing the necessary personnel to work in the area despite the financial incentives available but with the current uncertainly of possible alteration to tax banding by the Scottish Government which may in turn erode such incentives. They also spoke of their support for the current staff at the hospital, the upgrading of theatre equipment planned for the hospital and were urged by the elected members to remain positive as there was no threat of closure of the hospital and advised that a continuous negative attitude was not beneficial.
6.3 – Dog Fouling – A response had been received from the Community Safety Team suggesting that the school become involved in a poster campaign with a prize sponsored by the Community Council. Mr Hay felt that he could gain some useful media attention from this and that the winning poster could be made up into a colourful A3 and displayed at prominent points around the village. This idea was approved by members with a suggestion of prize vouchers for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places to a total value of £40. It was also suggested that the posters should contain the information that free bags are available at the library and the Secretary was requested to contact Mr Hay to take this forward.
6.4 – Rubbish Bin adjacent to the bottle bank on the Harbour removed during the recent stormy weather – to be re-sited.
6.5 – Damage to gravel bank – awaiting repair.
6.6 – ‘Do not Park on the Grass’ – additional sign at Second Sands now sited.- Invoice for payment handed to the Treasurer.

7. Treasurer’s Report – Treasurers Account – i) £ 1764.31 with £ 756.12 of the balance restricted in respect of Christmas decorations, but with an invoice for the cost of the Christmas Trees expected. Village Improvements Account £ 1096-81. Copies of the Financial Statement to the 29th November 2017 were made available to those present and Mr Gray explained these in detail advising that a grant had been received from Wigtown Area Committee to the sum of £493.60 in respect of Christmas decorations for Mochrum and Port William. This was an increase of £15.60 on the previous year which Cllr Hagmann advised would mean that there had been an increase in the number of people residing in the area as the grant is based upon the heads of population. She also added that this grant must not be used towards the purchase of Sky Lanterns or Helium Balloons which are discouraged by D & G Council. A sum of £42.17 had also been received from Scottish Power as a refund of energy charges.

8. Correspondence
Notification that Dumfries & Galloway has been awarded Fairtrade Zone status. Celebratory events are being held across the region. For further details e-mail Rhona.Macgregor@dumgal.gov.uk
Could Galloway be Scotland’s next National Park – Request from Galloway National Park Association to meet and explain why, and listen to what members would say about the idea – Cllr Hagmann advised that the Scottish Government were not looking to create any further National Parks but that elected members would support Community Councils in any proposals they may make in trying to take this forward. It was agreed that the Secretary would invite a representative to address a meeting and give further information on this initiative.
Funding for Community Groups – Get Involved Get Inspired – a simple way for organisations to access small but important amounts of money for arts and creative activities for the benefit of people in their local communities – applications invited for amounts up to £500 – final deadline 25th February 2018. Further details at http://www.dgunlimited.com/funding/.
Poster – Wicksteed Playgrounds – ‘ 25% Match Funding’ To register, e-mail with details of the project, to sales@wicksteed.co.uk
Patient and Visitor Guide to the New Dumfries and Galloway Royal Infirmary opening Friday 8th December at 8.00 a.m.
Letter from Nathon Jones, CEO of the Newton Stewart & Minnigaff Traditional Music and Dance Festival requesting a letter of support to include with their bid to LEADER for funding towards the purchase of a professional marquee and other community resource equipment – letter passed to the PWCA SCIO but Secretary to reply with our best wishes for the success of the project.

9. Bookings for Harbour Green – None received

10. Planning Applications – i) One application indicated for Port William. ii) Conservation Areas – There are no permitted development rights for any development to dwelling houses and a grant of planning permission is always required with proper scaled drawings, and an application form with the relevant fee are necessary for anything which constitutes development. Repairs do not generally constitute development – i.e. if a door is to be replaced with an exact like for like replica in all aspects (colour, material, design) this would not constitute development and no planning permission would be required. However, for example, if a traditional painted timber door were to be replaced with a new uPVC door of a different colour and design that would constitute development and planning permission would be required.

11. A.O.B. –
Carscreugh Renewable Energy Park Ltd – Windfarm Community Benefit – Funds awaited, but with an inflationary increment expected which it was agreed would be allocated to MADAG as theirs had been a third application and had been reduced in favour of those making only a first or second application.
Port William now able to access 4G
Harbour – Information Board loose and a report of considerable amount of rubbish in the Harbour – Secretary to inform the Harbour Master.
Coastal Review to be planned for all areas
Newton Stewart Resilience Team available to give assistance should it be required. .

There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.40 p.m. Next Meeting 31st January 2018. 7.30 p.m. Maxwell Hall


Agenda – Wednesday 31st January 2018 – 7.30 pm Maxwell Hall, Port William.

1. Attendance – CC/Public
2. Apologies/Not Present
3. Declarations of Interest

4. Police Report

5. Graeme McKie, Ward Worker and Karen Brownlie Community Assets Manager to discuss the future of the Maxwell Hall

6.. Minutes of Meeting 29th November 2017

7. Matters Arising

8.. Federation of Community Councils

9. Finance Report

10. Correspondence

11. Bookings for Harbour Green

12. Website Update

13. Planning Applications

14. A.O.B

Next Meeting Wednesday 28th February 2018 – 7.30 p.m.