Draft Minutes of recent meeting & Agenda for next

Draft Minutes of the Meeting held Wednesday 28th March 2018. 7.30 p.m. Maxwell Hall, Port William
1. PRESENT:- Community Councillors: Mrs A Highman (Chairman); Mrs J Gray (Secretary); Mr J Gray (Treasurer);
Mrs F Broll; Mr P Carrigan; Mr R McElrea; Mr J McMaster; Mr P Smellie; Mr P Williams; Mrs S Windle.

Cllr: Cllr K Hagmann; Cllr D Inglis.

2. Apologies – Mr D Ballantyne; Mrs H Pavitt; Mrs P Watkins.

3. Declarations of Interest: – None Relevant to this Meeting.

4. Police Report – Police Constable Alison Blacklock attended and spoke of a suspicious vehicle sighted on the Monreith estate which had been reported to her, advising also that members should continue to report any such sightings to the police using the 101 telephone number. She gave advice on crime prevention during the lambing season when she suggested that thieves would know that it would be a busy period and that extra precautions should be taken to protect property, taking simple measures such as storing quad bikes out of sight, not leaving them unattended and always removing the ignition keys; making sure that property is easily identifiable using such products as CESAR or forensic marking; consider the use of tracking devices or immobilisers on expensive machines; be wary of suspicious callers, always checking their identity and noting a description of any vehicle they may have, and to always remember to be vigilant and to report any suspicious activity to the police by calling 101. She also suggested signing up to the Rural Watch Scotland alerts scheme by following the link at https://member-registration-neighbourhoodalert.co.uk/173/Join and advised that further information on crime prevention could be obtained from the local policing team by calling 101 or on the Police Scotland website http://www.scotland.police.uk/keep-safe/home-and-personal-property/rural-crime

5. Minutes of the meeting held 28th February having been previously circulated and taken as read were proposed as a true and accurate record by Mrs S Windle and seconded by Mr P Williams.

6. Matters Arising
6.1 – Dog Fouling – The winners of the poster competition have been selected and the prizes will be presented at the April meeting when the children will attend with the Community Safety Enforcement Officer who will deliver a power point presentation about the project.
6.2 – Kilgallioch Community Fund – Mrs Highman suggested that the Community Council could make application, which together with a grant from the Community Initiative Fund could be used to improve certain buildings within the village. This may be considered when the next round of funding becomes available but it was noted that match funding may be required; a project stipulated, and with the possible need of a business plan.
6.3 – Port William Harbour – report received advising that the wreck of the Tracy Louise had been removed; a proposal was awaited from the Radio Communication team in respect of Webcams/CCTV; a response was awaited from Marine Scotland re a request for exemption from sampling in respect of dredging, and viable options for dredging have been discussed with the fishermen.
6.4 – Alister Jack DL MP – Invitation to meet with him Saturday 21st April, 12.00 p.m. McMillan Hall – Chairman and Secretary hope to attend.
6.5 – Pot Holes – road to Elrig – still requiring attention – Elected members to arrange.
6.6 – Senior Citizens Quiz – The Community Council team achieved 3rd place and were congratulated by the Chairman.
6.7- Maxwell Hall – following the meeting held 7th March a working group has been formed with a view to taking forward the proposal that the Maxwell Hall should be self managed as a community facility. No further details were available.
6.8 – Faulty lights and traffic signage at the Harbour – Cllr Inglis to arrange repair

7. Federation of Community Councils – Mr Smellie apologised that he had been unable to attend the meeting held 21st February when a Presentation was given by Police Scotland and that he will also be unable to attend the meeting on the 24th April when the subject will be ‘Roads’.

8. Finance Report – Treasurers Account – £ 705.92. Village Improvements Account £ 1113-23. Copies of the Financial Statement to the 28th March 2018 were made available to those present and Mr Gray explained these in detail. He advised that the Data Protection registration fee was due for renewal and that he had now arranged for this to be paid by Direct Debit.

9. Correspondence
Consultation seeking views on the update of the Licensing (Procedure) (Scotland) Regulations 2007 – Share views and respond to this on https://consult.gov.scot/criminal-law/licensing-procedure/
Roads Service: Traffic Regulation Orders – list of disabled persons parking places within the Wigtownshire area received
Sustrans Community Links grant funding programme – to encourage and enable cycling and walking within the local area – applications can be made through their application portal.
Publication of D & G Proposed Local Development Plan 2 and Supporting Documents – Extension of time period for representations to 4 p.m. on the 30th April – further information on www.dumgal.gov.uk/LDP2
E-mail from Communities Business Management advising that they had been requested by the Scottish government to provide information on the impact of bank closures within the area – more information can be found at http://parliament.scot/parliamentarybusiness/CurrentCommittees/107957.aspx This was discussed and although members regretted the limit to the number of coin bags accepted, the necessity of this was understood. The main concern expressed was the difficulties created by the mobile branch closing at its allotted time but whilst customers were still waiting with it then being a week before it was again available; the Secretary was requested to reply advising of this situation. There is also a survey calling for views and this can be found at http://bit.ly/bankclosures Cllr Hagmann advised of the possibility of a future Credit Union within Wigtown.
A75 Newton Stewart resurfacing – 2.5 Kilometres near to Newton Stewart – Benfield to Blackhill Croft and West of Blackhill Croft to be completed by Friday 30th March.
Consultation seeking views on the establishment of a new Enterprise Agency for the South of Scotland – access the consultation at https://consult.gov.scot/economic-policy-unit/new-enterprise-agency-for-the-south-of-scotland Cllr Hagmann urged members to respond to this expressing any concerns particularly on environmental issues.
Galloway Community Hospital Action Group – advice of a promise received from representatives of the health board that they would meet with the GCHAG in the near future and would in any event keep them informed of all developments.
Reinstatement works on the A77 Marchburn landslip north of Cairnryan completed; additional works carried out with the resurfacing of approximately 1Km of carriageway at Altimeg and a new retaining wall built on the embankment supporting the A77.
Scottish Water are seeking new ways to engage with the communities they serve, and requesting feedback on how they can shape the future. Find out more at www.yourwater.scot First regional newsletter also received.
Details of an event to be held in partnership with the Dogs Trust – 11.a.m.to 3 p.m. 11th April, Agnew Park – offering free health advice, basic health check, micro chipping etc.
D & G Council seeking ways to improve the service they deliver – request to complete a survey at https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/D6T7RFD closing date 11th May.
Telephone Kiosk sited Mochrum – available for adoption at a cost of £1 – to be advertised via the website and Kirk Intimations. If not required will be removed by BT
A76 Enterkinfoot – landslip failure – public meeting to be held in May – for further details contact Anthony.black@transport.gov.scot
Radar Speed Signs – available from Elancity, to purchase at a cost of £1399 for Mains operation or £1799 Solar powered. Cllr Hagmann advised that these could then be installed without charge by the Council but that the Community Council would be responsible for the upkeep. Maybe considered for the future.

10. Bookings for Harbour Green – None received

11. Website Update – No report available.

12. Planning Applications – none applicable.

13. A.O.B. –
Recycling lorry – complaint of scattered rubbish – Cllr Inglis to report
Response to Phase 3 of Public Consultation on the proposed review of the Scheme for the Establishment of Community Councils – Mr Smellie having completed the questionnaire had forwarded it to all members of the Community Council who then gave their consent to it being sent to D & G Council.
Concern was expressed at the number of GP’s leaving the area and the hope expressed that the incentives being offered would encourage others to take their place.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.20 p.m. Next Meeting 25th April 2018. 7.30 p.m. Maxwell Hall


Agenda – Wednesday 25TH April 2018 – 7.30 pm Maxwell Hall, Port William.

1. Attendance – CC/Public
2. Apologies/Not Present
3. Declarations of Interest

4. Police Report

5. Presentation of Prizes to the winners and runners up of the Dog Fouling Poster competition followed by a Power Point Presentation on the project to be delivered by the Community Safety Enforcement Officer

6.. Minutes of Meeting 28th March 2018

7. Matters Arising

8.. Federation of Community Councils

9. Finance Report

10. Correspondence

11. Bookings for Harbour Green

12. Website Update

13. Planning Applications

14. A.O.B

Next Meeting AGM Wednesday 30th May – 7.30 p.m.
Monthly meeting – 8.00 p.m.