Draft Minutes of recent meeting & Agenda for next

Draft Minutes of the Meeting held Wednesday 28th November 2018. 7.30 p.m. Maxwell Hall, Port William
1. PRESENT:- Community Councillors: Mrs A Highman (Chairman); Mr P Smellie (Vice-Chair); Mr J Gray (Treasurer);
Mr P Carrigan; Mrs F Broll; Mrs J Gray; Mr R McElrea; Mr J McMaster; Mrs P Watkins; Mr P Williams; Mrs S Windle.

Regional Council Representatives:- Cllr K Hagmann

2. Apologies – Mr D Ballantyne; Mrs H Pavitt.

3. Declarations of Interest: – None relevant to matters to be discussed.

4. Police Report – One officer attended and advised of an assault in the area concerning non locals, and a theft of heating oil from within Myrton Crescent for which any witness information is sought. She spoke of a Festive Period Initiative concerning anti –shoplifting and licensed premises checks during December; the festive Drink/Drug campaign from 1st December- 2nd January; Crime in the Home Initiative which will run for a 7 week period from 5th November with Community Policing pop up events to be held in the Clydesdale Bank and the Bank of Scotland, Newton Stewart on the 30th November and in Sainsbury’s on the 1st December, and the officer expressed concern at the increase in vishing frauds against the elderly. A booklet outlining scams was made available and details of this can be found at www.scotland.police.uk/assets/pdf/174967/the-little-book-of-cyber-scams?view=Standard ‘Stop and Think’ cards were also made available confirming advice that personal details should never be given out and to never click on a link unless certain that an e-mail is genuine. Further information can also be found within the ‘Little Book of Cyber Scams’ which is available at www.scotland.police.uk/keep-safe

5. Building Healthy Communities – David Hirst addressed the meeting and spoke of how people are living longer but that many have a long term health condition putting a huge strain on the medical profession and how, with no extra money and a vast shortage of doctors and nurses, this would eventually result in the provision of health care declining. ‘Transforming Wigtownshire’ has been looking at ways to improve the Health Service and a national award has just been won for an innovative scheme to recruit pharmacists. Technology is being introduced and it is now possible to speak to a pharmacist in Whithorn on a secure link from ones own home. There is an ‘attendanywhere’ scheme enabling patients to talk from there own home to a consultant in Dumfries, and a Hub is being looked at for the South Machars which will save on travelling for both patients and consultants as this facility will enable visual examination, although a face to face consultation would still be available if necessary. David said how isolation and loneliness have a major impact on both the mental and physical health of the population and of the need to encourage people to join in with activities, and although some group activities have already been set up it is essential that people get to know about them. He invited the Community Council to set up a ‘Welcome Pack’ scheme for residents moving into the area, with information about such groups; when the butcher, fish men come; bins emptied; bus time table; church services; surgery times etc and Mrs Broll agreed to take on the research to put together such a pack, liaising with the caravan site who it was felt may already hold such information, with Mrs Pavitt who would have information to hand for the web site and with Mrs Bridget Hillman who edits the Parish magazine, which also carries useful information.

6. Minutes of the meeting held 31st October having been previously circulated and taken as read were proposed as a true and accurate record by Mr R McElrea and seconded by Mr P Smellie.

7. Matters Arising
7.1 – Port William Harbour –Mrs Gray to contact William Jones for an up date on works to be completed. CCTV to be installed. A request had been made for exceptional consent for dredging works to be continued out with normal working hours and this had been discussed at the Community meeting held on the 14th November.
7.2- Maxwell Hall – Having been agreed at the meeting held 14th November that the Maxwell Hall would be run by the community a meeting will now be held 4th December 7.30 p.m. for the election of a management committee and a first meeting of said committee.
7.3 – Information Signage Second Sands – Completed and awaiting placement – small plaque to be sited acknowledging the artwork of Pauline Paterson and the photographs of Alan Wake.
7.4 – Re-setting of Bollard in the Square – advice received from Economy, Environment and Infrastructure that an order has been written and that disconnection of the electricity supply is awaited before the work can be completed. Further bollard now damaged – Mrs Gray to request date when works will be completed.
7.5 – Request for additional street light, Elrig – no response received to initial enquiries – Cllr Hagmann to pursue.
7.6 – Derelict Buildings – Pilot Project – Report given at Wigtown Area Committee meeting held 20th November – no further information available.
7.7 – Council Budget – Invite to complete a budget simulator and show how you would spend the budget – www.dumgal.gov.uk/budget Cllr Hagmann spoke of the difficulties of allocating an insufficient budget which led to a discussion on the needs of children and a comment that gifted children are being overlooked within the area.
7.8 – Youth centre – Mrs Watkins advised on the progress being made on the alterations to the youth centre, the planters and seating that it is intended to site and of the grants received for the work from Kilgallioch Windfarm; The Foyle Foundation; Leader and the Lottery fund.

8. Federation of Community Councils – AGM held 17th November. Anthony Berretti re-elected as Chairman – Position of Secretary still vacant.

9. Finance Report – Treasurers Account – £ 1473.46 of which £453.20 is restricted for Christmas Decorations. Village Improvements Account £ 674-99. Copies of the Financial Statement to the 28th November 2018 were made available to those present. Mr Gray explained these in detail. He confirmed that the Discretionary Grant of £495.30 plus £100 for being a member of the Federation of Community Councils had now been received, expressing his thanks to D & G Council for this award and advised that since compiling the report he had received an invoice for £24.00 for the provision of Christmas lights at Elrig.

10. Correspondence
Notification of Community Resilience Ready for Winter Roadshows 2018.
Machars Action Ltd – Minutes of meeting held 8th October; Agenda for and minutes of AGM held 12th November and Income and Expenditure 2018/19 updated 9/11/2018.
Democracy Matters Regional Events – Scottish Government invite to communities to have their say on the themes and issues that have arisen from Democracy Matters conversations that have been happening across the country. For more info www.gov.scot/democracymatters
An evening with Alexander McCall Smith – Wednesday 5th December £ 10 – to book contact Crichton Foundation 01387 702048
Newton Stewart Round Table – Santa Sleigh visit – Port William 13th December – help with collection requested – contact matthew.sullivan4@btinternet.com
Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents – national prevention strategy for Unintentional Injury and Harm in Scotland – survey – www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/GN2Q6ZP
Third Sector D & G – Roadshow – 11th December, 10.00 a.m. – 12.00 McMillan Hall – a chance to learn more about what funders are looking for and what does a good funding application look like – to sign up https://wigtownshire-roadshow.eventbrite.co.uk 13.00 – 15.00 Drop in and meet the team or book a one to one support session with Engagement Officer, Christine Clarke – contact Christine.clarke@tsdg.org.uk
Scottish Water – advice leaflet on how to heat, insulate and protect your home – Be prepared for winter.
Certificate of Commemoration for participating in the ‘Fly the Red Ensign for Merchant Navy Day’ campaign.
Economy, Environment and Infrastructure Committee – Speeding and Speed Limits Briefing Paper
Details of Mainstreaming Participatory Budgeting National Awareness Raising/Training Events
HAGS 2018 advertising leaflet

11. Bookings for Harbour Green – None received.

12. Website Update – advice of a problem with Messenger on Port William Facebook page and request to either put a post onto page or email enquiries@portwilliam.com if preferred.

13. Planning Applications – none applicable

14. A.O.B. –
The Amended Scheme for the Establishment of Community Councils which also now operates as the Constitution for all Community Councils in Dumfries and Galloway was adopted by Port William & District Community Council on 28th November 2018 and was signed by Mrs Anne Highman as Chairman of Port William & District Community Council and witnessed by Mr Peter Smellie
Concern was expressed that the Calor Gas Village of the Year Runner Up sign at the entrance to the village was now a bit outdated.
Path from Second Sands towards West Barr – overgrown – Mrs Gray to report
Provision of stacking bins on wheels – Cllr Hagmann advised that a decision on whether these would continue to be provided is in abeyance until such time as the question of recycling within Dumfries & Galloway is clarified, but assistance with putting out recycling bins for collection can be requested if necessary.
Meeting closed 8.45 p.m. Next meeting 30th January 2019. 7.30 p.m. Maxwell Hall

Agenda – Wednesday 30TH January 2019 – 7.30 pm Maxwell Hall, Port William.

1. Attendance – CC/Public
2. Apologies/Not Present
3. Declarations of Interest

4. Police Report

5. RBS – Diane McLaughlin- Community Banker

6.. Minutes of Meeting 28th November 2018

7. Matters Arising

8.. Federation of Community Councils

9. Finance Report

10. Correspondence

11. Bookings for Harbour Green

12. Website Update

13. Planning Applications


Next Meeting Wednesday 27th February 2019 – 7.30 p.m.