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April 12th 7.00 p.m. – Open meeting – Community Youth Centre.
Residents are asked to drop in their suggestions for the use of the shed and the land that has recently been purchased beside the Youth Centre. Until an idea is agreed the area will be used as a temporary car park for the Centre.

Members of The Port William Youth Group have been taking part in a project of inter-generation, whereby members of the community come along and teach the children skills such as cooking, baking, sewing etc and in turn the children show the older generation how to use mobile phones, computers etc. This is fun and has been successful. We would like to extend this and encourage others to offer to come along and teach a few skills such as woodworking, cycle maintenance etc. If you feel that you would like to offer a skill perhaps just once please speak to a member of the youth group or ring 700501 we would be most grateful.

We are now extending this still further and have begun a Tuesday Club. The children come along after school and play dominoes and cards with the senior citizens and then serve tea, coffee, sandwiches and cakes. It is proving to be popular but we would always welcome new members. Please come along on Tuesdays 3pm – 5pm to the Youth Centre near the Bowling Club – it is fun!!!!!


Tennis PavilionOur first project, which was the provision of a Community Youth Centre (for session times see regular events page) and multisports area (MUGA) is now complete and very well used (to make booking). We received major funding from BBC Children in Need, Leader+ and Awards for All, but the various community groups within the village all supported the project financially as did members of the community by attending the various fundraising activities which were held.

The total cost of the project was £120,000 and the third and final phase was the installation of floodlighting which was funded by Dumfries & Galloway Council – this has allowed the court area to be used for longer periods even in bad weather – the children don’t seem to mind the rain, they are having fun!!! (Even in January).

The Trust succeeded in obtaining funding from Lloyds TSB and The Robertson Trust to provide two youth workers to work alongside volunteers in the five Machars villages of Garlieston/Sorbie (Monday), Isle of Whithorn ( Wednesday), Kirkinner (Thursday) and Port William (Friday). All ages of young people are catered for.


May 2009

The Trust has completed the Feasibility Study, a Business Plan and revised Concept Plans for the Harbour Project and results show that there is over 90% support for the development, especially for a heritage type centre with tea room facilities, crafts, a gym, and low cost accommodation which will encourage walkers and cyclists to the area, bringing with it trade. We also propose to include a place to house the lifeboat and provide a training room for the crew.

Harbour Buildings

This is a wonderful opportunity to aquire a community owned asset which will also create jobs in our village. The Big Lottery – Growing Community Assets has accepted our outline proposals and assigned a member of their team from Highlands and Islands to work with us to take us through to the next stage.The project is currently working through these various stages and we are waiting with bated breath, hoping for final approval. This is all very exciting.

December 2013: 

We’ve done it! PIRSAC have secured a grant of £240,300 to upgrade its boat and build a dedicated lifeboat shed. The award came from the Dumfries and Galloway Euro­pean Fisheries Fund after an application from the Port William Development Trust on behalf of PIRSAC was approved.

PIRSAC chairman George McKenzie, along with Pauline Watkins and Paul Carrington from the Development Trust, were celebrating on Wednesday night with the volunteer lifeboat crew after hearing the good news.

Mr McKenzie, who has been campaigning hard for years to get the lifeboat upgraded, said: “The Dumfries and Galloway Fisheries Local Action Group (FLAG) approved 90 per cent of the requested amount from European Axis 4 match-funding money. Dumfries and Galloway Council and Marine Scotland provided 50 per cent each of the 90 per cent and the remaining 10 per cent will come from PIRSAC.

“The project is to buy a fully-equipped rigid inflatable rescue boat complete with self-righting equipment which will comply with the Maritime Coastguard Agency’s code of practice.

“The development of the inshore boat shed will also integrate with FLAG’s local development strategy and will benefit the fisheries sector and the community, improve working conditions and safety, and keep our fishing vessels and aquaculture safe.

“A proposed tea shop and heritage exhibition also supports FLAG’s diversification strategy and the council’s tourist strategy. This will improve visitor numbers to Port William and increase the dwell time, having a positive impact on the local economy. But as an independent lifeboat we will still need ongoing support to help sustain the buildings and equipment.”


The Trust has been granted Charity Status.

This is an important achievement and will be a major factor in bidding for further funding. It will require a subsequent alignment of our constitution to reflect this change.


The Trust continues to be involved with The Solway Firth Partnership – into the development of Luce Bay, and as soon as details are available these will be published.

CONTACT The Community Development Trust:

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Secretary- Mrs Pauline Watkins
Glen Fruin
Port William
Tel 01988 700501

Chair – Mrs Anna Thompson  01988700644

Treasurer – Paul Carrigan Tel: 01988 700394

Just before Christmas 2007, the Trust won the very presitigious LEADER+ VIBRANT COMMUNITIES AWARD and has been shortlisted for awards from SCOTTISH URBAN REGENERATION FORUM and BRITISH URBAN REGENERATION AWARD and THE QUEENS AWARD FOR VOLUNTARY SERVICE for the development of the new  youth centre.