Maxwell Hall Management Committee Registered SCIO; Charity Number- SC049537

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Registered SCIO; Charity Number- SC049537

DRAFT MINUTES OF MhM Committee Meeting 13th August 2019
In Attendance- Peter Smellie, Mary Wallace, Helen Oxley, Maria Old, Janis Edgar, Kelly McCreadie, David Pride, Mary Cowan

  1. Apologies
    Rebecca Walker
    2&3 Previous minutes and matters arising
    • Minutes now appear on, after they have been approved at next monthly meeting. Action: MC to post on MhM Facebook that minutes are available to public there.
    • Cancellations policy. Agreed as follows: at least one week’s notice required. If less than one week’s notice half fee, no notice full fee. This may be waived in exceptional circumstances at MhM discretion. (We must have facilities available for chargeable bookings as much as possible to be financially viable.)
    • Community Council elections. We will know 4th Sept if going ahead (to be held in Oct). Booked groups will have to be informed if so. Action KM.
  2. Treasurer’s Report
    • Loft insulation above main hall completed. (Prior agreement with council they pay for this work. )
    • Still awaiting council rent for library.
    • Bank balance at 31st July £1548.42.
  3. Review so far/outstanding items
    • Our hire charge chart to be displayed. Action: MO.
    • Library times will remain unchanged, contrary to what was indicated.
    • Panto rehearsals from next week until 21st Sept. Action: KM to inform any bookings affected, including library.
    • KM agreed to continue handling bookings.

Registered SCIO; Charity Number- SC049537

• After a promising start, children’s “summer activity” events numbers dropped significantly. Will review before decide re next summer.
• Car boot sale, income didn’t justify effort, unlikely to repeat.
• Royal Bank of Scotland raised £100 for us from hamper at Stranraer Show, and have another in the branch aiming for £200, which Bank will match.
• Christmas Food Fair proposal, MC held meeting with Sheena Horner of Galloway Chillies, who is experienced in these. She is happy to advise and help organise. Important that Environmental Health should be contacted first re regulations and relevant licences. Points agreed: entry charge, ticketed event (but can also pay at door); a Friday 3 – 9 pm, 15th Nov proposed – check with SH and library, and for potential clashes e.g. Lochinch, MADAG. Action: MC will meet again with SH, send invitations to SH stall holder contacts, and create sub-group to organise.
• Casino Night. Pearl McElrea enthusiastic about its potential. Action: MW to contact Pearl.
• Hogmanay Dance next year. Start organising early in 2020.
• Windfarm money applied for was granted. Will receive Jan/Feb. To be used for capital expenditure, as agreed, ref previous MhM meetings.

• Volunteer rota up and running. However, Panto team will take responsibility for hall cleaning from next week until 21st Sept. Action: JE to inform cleaners.
• Hall users need to be reminded they should be emptying bins in rooms they’ve hired. Actions: JE to make signs re bin emptying, nappy disposal, and ensuring water heater switched off if used.

●Blocked drain, fire alarm and other building issues
• Agreed that we should provide and display emergency phone numbers for such incidents. Action: JE signs displaying agreed numbers.
• Fire Alarm resetting – believed Librarian has key. Action: PS will include in email to to Council’s Karen Brownlie (KB), ref later in minutes.
• Blockages, external and under disabled toilet. Council say awaiting Clerk of Works report before acting.
• Library/Supper Room lino lifting now. Approx verbal estimate received, to replace from re-screeding to finished flooring £3500.• South wall (lack of external sealing which we believe causes the internal dampness and flaking), one tin of Superseal at £40+ covers 25m squared. Action: PS will request meeting with Clerk of Works, incl in PS to KB email.
Registered SCIO; Charity Number- SC049537

• Gutters need clearing and re-aligning. Action: HO – Panto team can clear accessible areas using their ladders.
• Agreed that the above issues clearly demonstrate there is a need to meet directly with Council’s Clerk of Works, rather than communication via other Council staff. Action: PS/DP initiate this meeting through next communication with Council/Karen Brownlie.
• Sound insulation between Supper Room and Hall. Options seem to be acoustic frame and door – £ thousands – or heavy duty sound-blocker rubber sheeting – around £70. Action: DP to investigate further.
• Light over key safe. Action: PS.
• Heating timer control unit, still to be looked into and responsibility for MhM or Council action to be agreed / clarified. Include in PS to KB email.

●OSCR (charity application). Delayed OSCR timetable discussed. NOTE: after meeting, on 19th August, notification of Clarity Status received!

●Council changing recycling again. Request to site large glass recycling unit in front of hall unanimously rejected by committee members. NOTE: since meeting, told by council that it will be situated on harbour road as at present.

●Council looking at publicly accessible toilet facilties options. Two known considerations are the “Comfort Scheme” (businesses, including MhM, allowing public access to their toilets, and Asset Transfer (similar to Monreith Toilets situation). Watch this space.

●Meeting Frequency
Agreed monthly works well, but reserve right to call “emergency meetings” if urgent issues arise, eg recent drain issue.