Maxwell Hall Management Committee

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MhM Minutes 25th June 2019

Present: Peter Smellie (Chair), Kelly McCreadie (Vice Chair), Janis Edgar (Secretary), Mary Wallace (Treasurer),  Mary Cowan, David Pride, Rebecca Walker.

Apologies: Maria Old, Helen Oxley.

Welcome David Pride, new committee member and technical adviser.


Bank Account Balance corrected. See under Treasurer agenda item. 

Roof above corridor leak was investigated by firm of Ian Broll. Roofing felt with bricks on top was found.  Ian Broll will repair, providing labour and materials, at no charge – this will be a donation to the hall.  This community-minded gesture is appreciated. Action: MC will write thank you letter.


KM has provided Council with the information they appear to have failed to keep in order to invoice the user groups up to end May. 

KM provided report of this month’s bookings to MW, for MhM invoicing. This will be done in this way at the end of each month.

Two new regular user groups, Gardening on Wednesdays 10:30 – 12:30, who will book one of the meeting rooms, and another Yoga group, who will book the main hall.

Booking “Terms & Conditions” for all hall bookers is now pressing.  Action: PS.


New event proposals:-

Children’s Club  during summer holidays.  Initially a one-off but possibly regular event – there seems to be support for this among parents. This will be chargeable.

A Food Festival. Its potential to be investigated with other groups and producers who have been involved in successful food events. Action: MC to arrange meetings and to check H&S issues, and for the latter alcohol licencing requirements.

RBS “funding pot” for areas which have lost their branches, MC to email re proposed stage fund (ref previous minutes).


June opening bank  balance £1230.30, petty cash £36.


Volunteer rota delayed to resolve issue about equipment safe-keeping. Volunteers’ cleaning equipment and materials to be kept separate from the materials which hall users use.  Action: RW and PS will price and purchase, resp., a key-safe to keep the main store-cupboard key in. Only volunteer cleaners will have access to this.  Cleaning checklists to be kept in small binder with  the equipment. Action:JE.


Management Agreeement to be circulated to whole committee. (Previously just forwarded to handover meeting attendees.) Action: JE. 


HO has sent application letter with itemised costs for resources to enhance the hall experience/potential.


Electricity costs investigation and proposed solutions – DP to chase council person responsible re actions agreed at handover meeting on 3rd June.  PS has provided council with water meter reading and will do monthly, as agreed at that meeting.

No action yet on drain/leakage issue.

Insulation of loft above main hall – DP has received and examined quotes, and had discussions with 2 trades people. His conclusions were agreed with.  We are likely to move on this with the preferred tradesman.

Right side internal wall of main hall flaking – it seems that the correct silicon-based wall sealing was not done, hence penetrating damp. DP to investigate further.

Sound proofing between main hall and supper room.  Action: DP to investigate options. 

New cleaning equiment proposal MW. This was agreed, to facilitate the cleaning volunteers’ task. Action: MW and JE to purchase appropriate items.


From now the second Tuesday of the month –  9th July 7pm. 


MhM Minutes 11th June 2019

Present: Peter Smellie (Chair), Janis Edgar (Secretary), Mary Cowan, Maria Old, Helen Oxley.


Kelly McCreadie (Vice Chair), Mary Wallace (Treasurer), Rebecca Walker.


No matters arising.  Agreed that now the hall is in our hands, we will make MhM Meeting minutes publicly available via village website HO will provide Hilary Pavitt with the information for display there.


Issue raised with Council over User Groups not invoiced since March. KMcC will copy bookings diary info and send to Council. They had omitted to keep a copy of this information.

We may have an additional regular class – another Yoga instructor.


23rd June Harbour Car Boot Sale table in aid of hall funds booked. 

Wigtown Charity Shop – we assume application not successful this time.

Discussed various local businesses/branches to approach for donations for specific items to enhance the hall and broaden its uses.

Future FR activity: 

Will look at having a specific “Stage Fund” as one fundraising drive, to include stage curtains, proper lighting, sound etc.


Bank baccount balance £1415, petty cash balance not known – Treasurer not present.

An invoice for  £2500 has been sent to Council, as agreed, for annual Library rental fee.


Committee members doing cleaning until end June, to check timings, ease of access to hall and cleaning materials, clarity of instructions etc, before cleaning volunteers start. JE will do cleaning volunteer rota for July – December period.

There are currently 10 cleaning volunteers (4 of whom are committee members). One potential additional one, awaiting contact details.

8. SCIO (Charity Status Application)

PS reported all necessary work now complete and application has been submitted.


Completed at 3rd June meeting with Council reps. Outstanding issues of concern were also raised and the Council reps offered help, which will be appreciated, particlarly in the area of the extremely high electricity costs. Solutions being looked at: moving to an off-peak tariff, changing provider, heating timer control units, seeking support from hall users not to use central and water heating unecessarily (revenue from hall charges will have to cover utility and other day-to-day running costs, so it’s in their interests to help keep these costs down.)

Will go ahead with the following relatively low cost improvements:- insulation above the main hall, quotes are being sought, anticipated to be up to £2000.

We need to address the issue of one user group who books the whole building but only pays for the main hall. This is not viable.

No definite action plan from the Council for the leak above the corridor. MW has approached local tradesman to survey what is required to decide how to progress. 


This is in hand.  HO to draft letter to Community Council for lockable storage units, to provide additional storage space for user groups and MhM.  


Last fortnightly meeting 25th June. Thereafter monthly,  second Tuesday of each month. 


Future events planning in future meetings agendas.

David Pride has agreed to help MhM in a technical advisory capacity.

Next Meeting Tuesday 25th June.