First Responders Cyclothon

First Responders Cyclothon

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Port William First Responders have been running for 13 years. Responders are trained to attend to emergency calls received by the ambulance service and provide care until the ambulance arrives.

Long time responder and team spokesman Murray Morland was keen to spread the word about the value of having potentially life saving defibrillators in every small community in the region. Murray said: “There is a new initiative to get basic defibrillators into every community. The Ambulance Service would give training and grants are available to purchase defibrillators from the British Heart Foundation. The training is quite easy and it would be good to see defibrillators in public areas in all communities, such as village halls.

There are 15 members in the Port William team at the moment but we are desperately needing new members as more people available would ease the pressure on the present members a wee bit.  “Over the past thirteen years we have had 293 call outs in the Port William area as well as in Whithorn and the Isle of Whithorn. We have had two  call outs to Wigtown in that time as well.

If you think you would like to become a First Responder contact Murray Morland on 01988 700488
Port William First Response Team
Can you help save a life?
We need new volunteers to join our team

The First Response Team held a public access defibrillator meeting on Wednesday 18 May 2016 at 19.30 in the Maxwell Hall . Report from that meeting follows.
Public Meeting held on Wednesday, 18th May in Maxwell Hall at 7.30p.m.

Chairman, Mr. M. Morland opened the meeting and thanked everyone for coming.

He introduced Mrs. Isobel Torbet who is currently fundraising for defibrillators in Whithorn.
We had hoped to have Mr. A. Marshall, Area Services Manager, Scottish Ambulance Service present but this was dependant on his workload.

Mr. Morland then gave a summary of the problems we are experiencing with the On Call Rota and recruiting new members. We are at present struggling to cover the rota 24/7 and unless we can get more Responders the cover we can provide will be drastically reduced. Therefore, it seems, that the way forward is to provide Public Access Defibrillators.

Mrs. Torbet then gave us an update on the situation in Whithorn. There has been great support in the town for fundraising and they now have 4 defibs :- 1 at the Doctor’s Surgery, Galloway’s Grocers, Community Centre and DGHP are helping to site 1 in the High St. area. The full package consisting of the external cabinet, defib, battery and pads costs around £1500.00 compared to the cabinet alone costing in the region of £600. Although they have the defibs bought they still need to raise cash for upkeep/ accessories. As Whithorn is a conservation area they are in the process of obtaining planning permission. They are also negotiating with the Scottish Ambulance Service to direct the caller to the nearest defib if an ambulance is not available. Training courses have been arranged and this takes approx. 2 hours. She did say that although training is available you do not need to be trained to use the machine as both verbal and visual instructions are a part of the process.
It was generally agreed that the provision of defibs for Port William,Mochrum,Monreith and Elrig
is a good idea. It was also queried that perhaps residents are not fully aware of the First Response Team and what they do.
Mr. Morland confirmed that the Team will carry on as long as is possible – but in the event of the Team folding any funds remaining will be placed with the Community Council and ring fenced for the purchase/upkeep of defibrillators.
Miss D. Broll proposed ( Seconded by Rev. P. Bellis) that we will proceed to fundraise and although we are disappointed at the turnout this evening we hope local residents will support our efforts.

Mr. Morland thanked everyone for their attendance and the meeting closed at 8.30 p.m.


For information on the role of First Responder click here

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To view the Draft Minutes from last Committee Meeting & Agenda for next click here

First Responders Float 'Mary Poppins' Carnival Week 2013

First Responders Float ‘Mary Poppins’ Carnival Week 2013

Murry Morland bringing good luck to Carnival Queen, 2013

Murry Morland bringing good luck to Carnival Queen, 2013