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Notices issued by the Harbour Master will now be posted here.

By e mail and public notice.

NtM No DGC005 of 2017 27th March 2017


Port William – Berthing for visiting vessels.

Vessels which do not hold an allocated berth should note that they must only berth in the visitor section which is on the first section of harbour wall to the West of the double steps.

Visiting vessels need to be aware that Port William harbour is subject to heavy swell in strong W/NW winds and there is insufficient safe room at the Eastern head of the harbour to accommodate visiting vessels who must arrange to shelter at an alternative harbour.

Status of previously published notices:

Please note the warnings/notices below are still live.

IOW 1/16
PW 1/16
DGC002 of 2017
DGC004 of 2017

Keith Armstrong-Clark
Regional Harbour Master
This is for all Dog Walkers! If you find yourself near the Library (when it’s open of course) and are short of Doggie Bags they have them freely available. If you are strolling along Kings Green Caravan Park there are Doggie Bags in the Information Room on the hook under the little shelf. No excuse for not picking up!

Members of The Port William Youth Group have been taking part in a project of inter-generation, whereby members of the community come along and teach the children skills such as cooking, baking, sewing etc and in turn the children show the older generation how to use mobile phones, computers etc. This is fun and has been successful. We would like to extend this and encourage others to offer to come along and teach a few skills such as woodworking, cycle maintenance etc. If you feel that you would like to offer a skill perhaps just once please speak to a member of the youth group or ring 700501 we would be most grateful.

TUESDAY CLUB:  We are now extending this still further and have begun a Tuesday Club. The children come along after school and play dominoes and cards with the senior citizens and then serve tea, coffee, sandwiches and cakes. It is proving to be popular but we would always welcome new members. Please come along on Tuesdays 3pm – 5pm to the Youth Centre near the Bowling Club – it is fun!!!!!

POTHOLES/ROAD DEFECTS Did you know that there is a page on the D&G Council Website where you can report these?   Click here to get to the form and notify the Council.

Power Cuts: If you experience a power cut you can contact SP Energy networks on 0845272 7999 or visit their website

Waste Recycling Centre – Whithorn: Opening times added to Public Service Page